How To Maximize Your Building And Research Time Reduction in Infinity Kingdom

How To Maximize Your Building And Research Time Reduction in Infinity Kingdom

Infinity Kingdom is available on Android phones and soon on IOS as well. As the game gains popularity, users look for hacks and increase their chances to win!

The following game guide will help you all reduce the time it takes to build a structure and decrease the research time. Let’s jump in, shall we?

What Do You Need To Do?

Mentioned below is a step-wise guide of how to maximize your building and enable the most time reductions.

Step 1

First up, you will start with the lord information screen. So, the first area of reduction will be towards your talent tree on the talent tab.

Next, the development and the military tree will come into the picture. The first option in the development tree will be massive construction, which is responsible for 10% of building upgrade speed reduction.

Once you scroll down to the fifth row with the leaps and bounds tab, this will give up to 10% on the academy tech upgrade speed.

Step 2

The second step will be to go to the academy directly. It would help if you went towards the production tree here. The first option on the production is referred to as Speedy Construction. With a magnifying glass, you will see a building speed of 30% at level 10.

Next, in the seventh column, you will see a rapid progress tab. With the magnifying glass, you will again see a 30% building speed.

Then, you go to Kingdom Structures. Take a look at the map, with about six structures in total. Three of the structures will be for building speed-ups, and the other three research build ups. All three are tiered at 7%, 9%, and 11%.

Next, click on Theorem, which is the level 7 city. You will then get RSS income, gathering speed, and building upgrade speed.  North of the map is Erebus that is a level 5 city. Here, you get city tax, technology upgrade speed (7%), and gathering speed.

Step 3 

Now, you go to the well of time. This is an icon on the right-hand corner. Next, click on the book in the bottom left corner. You will see the fast building bonus that gives you 10% once you open chapters 5-8. As you scroll, you will see the Fast researching tab, which unlocks chapters 8-8. 

Also, if you go to the castle and click on assign, you will see some bonuses. On the military side, you will see 15 21 27. As you level up, you will see additional bonuses.

In the technology tree, you will get building and research bonuses here according to the level. 

You must have the immortal’s rarity influence the initial basic bonus. These will be the orange-colored immortals.  It would be best if you had the initial basic buffs equal to the sum of the dispatched immortals. And the sum of the basic bonus is equal to the initial value and growth value together. 

Step 4

The last section to get buffs will be your VIP. At VIP4, you will get the first building speed buff of five percent. Next, the VIP 7 will have an increased building speed of 10% overall.

In the VIP 10, you will now have research speed and building speed up at 5% again.  Research speed is at 10% total. The building speed total is 15%.

Similarly, the VIP 13 will have a building speed of 20%, while the research speed is 15%. The final VIP 15 will have a maxed building speed of 25%. On top of it, the research speed is maxed out at 20%.


Finally, you will have a total of 86% from building speed with the flex option of 16% from the building structure. On the other hand, 81% for research speed is 5% less in the max VIP level at 20%. Add 16% from the structures plus the additional unknown from unknown city assignments!

Wrap Up

So, that is it from us guys! You must apply these tricks on the server when it comes out. Through this, you can progress your account to the maximum building and research time reduction. All the best!

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