Infinity Kingdom: Contention Of Relics Tips & Tricks

Contention Of Relics Tips & Tricks

For the past few years, the Infinity Kingdom has been the apple of an eye for game freaks. It’s a no-brainer that it has gained massive popularity as an arcade, strategy-based game. The Infinity Kingdom family is aware of the events and various stages that make it cooler.

This piece will walk you through the Contention of Relics and the tips and tricks to use it effectively in-game. 

Willing to know in detail about the event? Go ahead and give it a good read!

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What Is The Contention Of Relics?

The Contention of Relics is an in-game Infinity Kingdom event for you all as soon as you hit chronicle 14. 

Once done, The Contention of Relics serves you a total of three rounds. To unlock the rounds sequentially, you need to complete each of the chronicle tasks and events. 

There will be a different set of defenses you will need to face in the Contention of Relics rounds. Each round will reward you with different items.

Participation in Relics goes on cyclical once you complete the final round of the event. You get the preparation phase to get yourself warmed up before the cycle starts all over again.

How To Win The Contention Of Relics?

How To Win The Contention Of Relics_

To dominate the Contention of Relics event, allow us to hook you up with some useful tips that will come in handy while you try to clear the rounds:

You must draw on the full strength of your kingdom to obtain victory in the Contention of Relics. The win is calculated by the greatest number of Energy cubes collected during the event. So, this is a no-brainer that you must focus on collecting Energy cubes for your kingdom to get victory in the Contention of Relics.

The second and third position holders of the event will ultimately lose the event. Moreover, the respective lords of the kingdom will receive partial rewards.

How To Collect Energy Cubes?

How To Collect Energy Cubes_

Now, as you know about Energy cubes, you may wonder how to collect them to win the event. Well, you may follow the options mentioned below to get the Energy cubes in a jiffy!

  1. The World Heart

The World Heart allows you to collect a huge amount of Energy cubes for your Kingdom Alliance. After the event commences, the Alliance that occupies the World Heart can produce Energy cubes for twelve hours.

Twelve hours later, the World Heart will remain unoccupied until another Alliance occupies it. So, be aware of the clock!

  1. Ancient Altars

Around the World Heart, five Ancient Altars provide occupying Alliance with continuous Energy cubes. 

Similar to the World Heart, it will only be useful until you occupy an Alliance.

  1. Chaos Beasts

The Chaos Beasts in the forbidden zone will remain awake until the end of the Contention of Relics. Your Alliance defeats rallies, and in turn, the Chaos Beasts get you some Energy cubes.

  1. Forbidden Zone

During the event, you will get Energy nodes every two hours from the forbidden zone. Do not forget to collect them, or else your rivals may take the lead!

What Are The Rewards That You Can Expect?

What Are The Rewards That You Can Expect_
  • A plethora of exciting rewards awaits the gamers during the Contention of Relics event. A list of in-game rewards during the event is listed below: 
  • According to the ranks achieved by the Kingdoms, they will get the chance to purchase immortal fragments from the mysterious shop.
  • The Valor marks obtained during the event due to the collection of Energy cubes will help you make a successful purchase from the mysterious shop.
  • After winning the event, the Alliance that ranks first will receive rare Territory Decoration in the forbidden zone.
  • The Winning Kingdom of the event will get a chance to elect a new King chosen by the Alliance leader.

Wrap Up 

The Contention of Relics is an impressive and exciting way to progress in the Infinity Kingdom. The event comes with wholesome rewards and stages to clear, making the game more challenging and equally addictive.

Now you know the tricks to collect the Energy cubes and the detailed overview of the event. It’s about time to chalk out your strategies and go all in!

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