Dragons Guide in the Infinity Kingdom

Dragons Guide in the Infinity Kingdom

Hello players! Here we are to help you know all about the Dragons in the infinity kingdom. We will also give you a brief understanding of their abilities, bonuses, and how to use them for gaining efficiency in the arena. We will also let you know the different types of dragons in the infinity kingdom.

In the infinity kingdoms, all dragons are very powerful. These dragons can give a huge amount of damage to various enemies. It also can reduce the enemies fighting power by its huge rebuffs. It can also use its magical healing skills to bring back wounded troops.

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Training of the dragons

You will unlock the Dragon cage and train your dragons when you reach level five.

To reduce training time, you can use dragon upgrading speedups to get through events and everyday quests.

You will start with the water dragon. As the water team is easily obtained, you should keep upgrading the water dragon, especially if you are a free-to-play player. Their shards can be obtained from the seven-day event and the alliance shop.

The Transmutation function found in the Forge will help you change resources to gold. To lower the mutation rate and get more gold, you need to upgrade your Forge Building. To upgrade the next levels from five, fifteen and twenty-five, you will require Dragon Gems.

Dragon Gems are required to upgrade the Dragon’s abilities. In special events, a chest will appear, and in this chest, you will find them in the farming gnomes’ bosses.

Dragon stages

All the dragons have to pass by five different phases. These phases are:

  1. Egg Phase
  2. infancy Phase
  3. Adolescence Phaser
  4. Adulthood Phase
  5. Elder Phase


All the dragons have three skills each. To unlock these skills, you need to reach level five for the first skill, level fifteen for the second skill, and level twenty-five for the third skill.

Types of dragons 

In the games of infinity kingdom, there are seven types of Dragons.

Water dragon

Water Dragon is the finest Dragon for free-to-play players. He is named Glyndwr. He is full of great power for healing. Glyndrs second ability is freezing, which makes the target lose the ability to gain or lose energy. His third powerful skill is the support skill that gives damage, crit and also dodges rate to the water immortals when they use the skill. This is a big advantage, especially in long battles.

Lightning dragon

Lightning dragon‘s name is Taranis, the second strongest magical Dragon. He has a very powerful active skill that disregards the magical and the physical defense, and this skill also takes care of the uttermost amount of damage to the whole of the enemy team. Taranis’s second skill is a huge chase to lessen the twelve-second normal attack. His third skill is to give damage, crit, and dodge rate.

Earth dragon

Earth dragon’s name is Demeter, and he is the tankiest Dragon as he gives lots of defensive stats. He can stun his enemy that can cause a huge earthquake. Bonus crit, dodge, and damage are gained when the Earth’s immortals lose ten percent of their power.

Fire Dragon

 Fire dragons can be of great destruction to the game, and also it can wipe out the game. He gives magical and physical damage of the same amount to each Fire immortal.  He can give true damage to the enemy team with his deadly flame. He gives bonus crit, dodges damage to all fire immortals when they get rebuffs.

Wind Dragon

His name is Zephyr. Wind Dragon has a debuff that lessens the enemy accuracy rate. Here, he reduces the ability to get hit by the enemy team and stops gaining energy rapidly during the battle. He also has a support skill, and also his third skill he gives wind immortals bonus attack damage, crit, and dodge rate.

Shadow Dragon

He is called Melanthios, and he is the most powerful Dragon in the game. Shadow Dragon three skills are very strong. He can give out a destructive flame that can damage the enemy team and secondly can silence multiple targets that cause the enemy not to be able to use their ability or obtain energy. He has a skill that allows all immortals to dodge and crit rate.

Holy Dragon

The Holy Dragon‘s name is Lucasta. He has the skill to heal. He can give the immortals additional damage reduction, and also he can help them with longer survivability. His last skill is that he gives additional dodge, crit rate and damage.

We hope this guide was able to help you understand the dragons!

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