Earth dragon guide Infinity Kingdom

Earth Dragon Guide Infinity Kingdom

Once again, we meet with another guide to help you, players, with the earth dragon information. As always, we will give you a better understanding of the earth dragon. Here we will tell you its upgrade cost and the growth stages in Infinity Kingdom.

The Earth Dragon Overview

The earth dragon’s name is Demeter. He is known to be able to withstand damage. He is, therefore, the tankiest dragon. Demeter is the best dragon who can fight the Earth’s immortals side by side. He is the best partner for them. Demeter can give the Earth immortal power by giving them extra attributes and also element affinity.

Earth Immortals are very famous for their great amount of durability. With Demeter’s partnership, they also are capable of being a destructive force in the arena.

Apart from his destructive stat, the Earth dragon has another ability that stuns the enemy. This is his crowd control ability. This stun effect takes place for two seconds for every three seconds and can last up to twelve seconds. This skill makes it very difficult for the enemy to deal with the damage and to gain energy while fighting. This ability is very strong when battling against the nukers in the game.

The highest attribute of the Earth Dragon is his physical defense. But here, his magical defense compared to other dragons is less. Here again, he still is better off as he has the ability of the defense to weaken some of the enemy’s damage. From a tanker, these physical and magical attributes are not very high.

We need to obtain the Earth Dragon Chest to upgrade Demeter’s skills. We need the dragon crystals to go on to the next stage of the dragon. So therefore, to get the dragon chest, we need to look for the Fortress boss on the map.

Demeter’s skills

The Earth Dragon has three skills.  These skills can be unlocked individually when Demeters reach the desired level in the game. Here it would be best if you remembered to upgrade him every time as you spread your kingdom. This is an essential part of the game.

Demeter’s skills are The Earth Roar, in which he starts the battle by a roar, thus creating a tremor on the battlefield. Another skill is sandstorm breath, and third is the Earthshaker skill. 

Demeter’s stages

Like all dragons, he also has five growth stages. These are the egg, infancy stage, adolescence stage, adulthood stage and elder stage.

Egg stage

You have to finish Chapter seven in the game in order to get the Earth Dragons egg. This is obtainable for beginners.

Infancy stage

When the egg is hatched, you will see a tiny Demeter come out. He can be played in the game for bonus stats and also for element affinity.

Adolescence Stage

Demeter grows bigger, and also he gains the crowd control ability in this stage. For player versus player and for player versus Environment, this is a very effective ability. Here you have to upgrade Demeter to level five as it needs a less amount of gold and also twenty Earth Dragon Gems.

Adulthood Stage

Here you need forty Earth Dragon Gems and also a good amount of gold to reach this stage; therefore, you need to train Earth Dragon for this. When Demeter becomes an adult, his abilities gain more power and also he has a very good defense ability. This ability boosts his ally immortals to survive in the arena.

Elder Stage

This stage is Demeter’s last stage. In this stage he looks like an enormous mountain which has the ability to smash enemies with his weight. Here he gives more damage, crit, and also dodge rate to his Earth immortals. Here you will also need lots of gold and also eighty Earth Dragon gems to upgrade his level and reach this stage.


We hope this guide was able to give you some clarity on the earth dragon and help you bring more value to your game. To know what are the best immortals to pair with dragons check out Infinity Kingdom Tier List. Do not forget to check out New Infinity Kingdom Redeem Codes.

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