Earth Immortals Guide Infinity Kingdom

Earth Immortals Guide infinity kingdoms

Time for another immortal guide for the infinity kingdom. This time, we will cover the earth’s immortals. The earth immortals are considerably strong and powerful, and with a powerful lineup, you will notice a considerable improvement in the game. If you have been confused about how to obtain and utilize the earth’s immortals, don’t you worry. We have got you covered! In this guide, we will cover everything that you need to know about the earth’s immortals in the infinity kingdom.

So, without further ado, let us get started!

Names of the Earth immortals

Let us begin this guide by familiarizing you with all of the different immortals present within the earth element. This list contains all the Earth immortals:

  • John henry
  • Zenobia
  • Boudica
  • Leonidas
  • Alexander the great
  • Gaius Marius
  • Isabella of Castile
  • Charles the great
  • John zizka
  • Amanitore

When should you start building your Earth troop?

In the rare but lucky instance that you are able to obtain good earth immortal early on in the game, you should immediately consider starting to build your earth troop. For example, let’s say that you have managed to obtain Cleopatra from the hall of immortals; you already have access to such strong earth immortal and should immediately find an earth dragon to strengthen your game. 

Earth Immortals Team Lineups

To build up this team, even more, you can get Boudicca or Alexander the Great in the front row of your troop and then change that formation with Leonidas when you get the chance later on. Then later, you should choose Cleopatra as well as Isabella in the back row, but whenever you manage to obtain Zenobia, you should put her in Isabella of Castile’s place. 

Also, with Charles the Great in the picture too, you will have one considerably powerful immortal troop in this particular lineup; hence you will be set for the game. The only downfall is that he is very expensive, and hence not everyone will be able to have access to him. But, I believe that this cost is worth it because it has a lot of benefits and will bring considerable value to your game. If you can not Charles you can check our Infinity Kingdom tier list to see what strong alternatives you can pick.

How to obtain the Earth Immortals

It may not be that simple for you to be able to obtain the earth’s immortals. There are different means to do so for each one, but I will go over a few important ones. 

The first one and the most powerful earth immortal is Charles the Great. There are a few ways to obtain him, as there are with all the immortals. You can either buy him from the grand promotion pack, you could fragment him from the market, and you can also get him from the grand promotion pack. 

Similarly, other earth immortals have similar ways of getting obtained. As I mentioned earlier, there is the hall of immortals in Cleopatra’s case. She can also be obtained by the market, arena shop, and if you advance, summon her. 

Other immortals gaining ways could be from the VIP market, but this is an expensive option. 


We hope this guide was able to give you some clarity on how to use the earth’s immortals. It covered everything you need to know about the earth immortals starting from their names and also about when you should start building up your earth element troop. It also provided a lineup that would be best for you to use if you are using the earth’s immortals. It will bring considerable value to your game. We also covered in a little bit of detail the numerous ways in which you can obtain the earth’s immortals. Also check Infinity Kingdoms Redeem Codes.

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