Fire Dragon Guide in Infinity Kingdom

Fire Dragon Guide

So, here we are again, players, with another super useful set of information to help you all understand the fire dragon in the infinity kingdom. In this section, we will go over the basics of obtaining the fire dragon and upgrading him.

The fire dragon overview

Let me introduce you to the most fearsome dragon in the Infinity Kingdom. Ignatius is his name. Ignatius is a well-known dragon; for newcomers, Igneous is an amusing and intriguing character in the game. You can team up with him because he is an excellent partner when playing the fire immortals. As the most destructive dragon in the game, Ignatius can inflict massive amounts of damage on opposing players while also increasing the offense stats of his associated team.

The fire dragon’s skills

The fire dragon’s active skill, which allows him to release devastating flame, allows him to deal actual damage to a large group of enemies. This damage can be extremely lethal in the game because it disregards any defense that the aim has. Fire Dragon has a burn effect that deals constant damage for a set period of time.

Unlike other dragons, he lacks the ability to control crowds. After a lot of suffering, the burn effect skill can gradually kill the enemy. Ignatius’ second skill is excellent. Here, the fire dragon bestows extra damage on his immortal companions.

This assists the fire immortals in increasing their damage. Ignatius possesses a balanced quality. As a result, he can deal equal amounts of magical and physical damage to his immortal companions.

In short, Ignatius, the fire dragon, possesses a few abilities such as flaming Breath, Intense Roar, and Furinkazan.

How to obtain fire dragon crystals

Farming Lava Lurker is the simplest way to obtain fire dragon crystals. This is done on the map, and as a result, after defeating the lava lurker, you receive the dragon chest. The treasury building is where the chest is cleansed.

You can open the chest with the key if you want, or you can postpone it for a while if you prefer. Because the dragon chest contains certain rarities, you may have to wait a little longer. It’s important to remember that the dragon chests must be purified because the treasury only has three treasure slots.

This should also be done before farming the Grome bosses. Crystals can also be obtained by participating in specific events.

The fire dragon stages

All dragons in the Infinity Kingdom, as we know, go through five stages. The fire dragon must also go through these five stages.

Only after completing the story mission in Chapter fifteen will you be able to obtain the fire dragons egg. When you have obtained the egg, you will be able to obtain the fire dragon.

Infancy stage

When the fire dragon breaks open the egg, he emerges as a tiny awkward infant dragon with little strength. At this point, you can assist it in forming a fire formation with his.

Adolescence stage

The fire dragon is now ready to use his flaming breath skill. This powerful skill should not be underestimated, as the flame can damage anything in its path in a fraction of a second.

Adulthood stage

At this point, the fire dragon has developed into a magnificent creature with a ferocious appearance. This ferocious dragon has evolved into a massive fire attack capable of igniting the entire world. In this stage of adulthood, he also learns a new skill. The intense roar is this ability.

Elder stage

Ignatius, the fire dragon, gains his full strength here. This is his third skill, furinkazan. Here, he gains all of the immortal friends’ crits and doge rates, as well as extra damage. This damage is incurred when one of them receives a buff that improves their combat capability.


Finally, we hope this article has clarified how to deal with the fire dragon in Infinity Kingdom!

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