Fire immortal Guide Infinity Kingdom

Fire Immortals Guide

Once more, we have begun to embark on a remarkable mission, and the Infinity Kingdoms is a wonderful multiplayer game where almost anything you could possibly imagine is possible. Once again, we come back to you for another immortal guide for the infinity kingdom. 

Today we will guide you with the Fire Immortals. While it might be tricky trying to figure out how to navigate the fire immortals, it is definitely a very rewarding process. The results of what one can achieve are boundless; no one can ever tell you what you can’t do; it’s all up to you and how you play the game! The fire immortals are the most fearful element in the game. They give a huge amount of utility and powerful skills. If you have been trying to figure out how to obtain the fire immortals, then you are at the right place. Let’s begin now.

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Names of the Fire Immortals

So first, let me introduce you to the different types of immortals that are present in the Fire element. Here are the names of the fire immortals:

  • Frederick I
  • Hippolyta
  • William I
  • Express Wu
  • Ashoka
  • Cyrus the Great
  • Sparticus
  • Sanada Yukimura
  • Edward
  • Samson
  • Pelayo
  • Vlasta

These twelve fire immortals are available for you to choose from, so hurry and choose any and continue your game! 

Building your troop

The fire troops develop quite late in the game. This is because it is only at the end of the first season of the arena that you can obtain the main immortal of the fire troop, Empress Wu. Also, Express Wu can be obtained after the first Contention of Relics

The Fire immortals Best Line Ups

Hippolyta and Sparticus are best for the first row in the start. Then for the back row choosing Ashoka and Edward is a good option. When you reach the Middle Age, you can always replace the troops after obtaining Frederick I and use him as he is a better option for an epic immortal. Eventually, use Express Wu and William I to form a complete troop. If you do not have any of this commanders you can check our Infinity Kingdom tier list to find alternative.

How to Obtain the Fire Immortals

You need to wait a significant amount in the game for the fire immortals to be obtained. Here we would suggest that you use Ashoka as he is an epic fire immortal as a start. He is the most frightening immortal in the infinity kingdom. 

It would be best if you leveled up Hippolyta because she has an energy skill, flaming smithe, which reduces the enemy energy by a hundred and the attack speed by ten percent. To obtain the immortals, there are different ways, such as the advanced summon or the fragment from the market as well as the  Arena. Some fire immortals can be obtained from advanced summoning in the hall of immortals, alliance shop, COR shop and you can get few by using redeem codes. However, you must always be aware of who you are selecting as your fire immortals as it will impact the rest of your game quite a significant amount.


So what exactly is it that makes it so easy, yet so difficult, to play Infinity Kingdoms with Fire Immortals and fire dragon. Is it the uncertainty of it? Are you afraid of how your game could be impacted by it? While there is so much fear and uncertainty surrounding the use of fire immortals in Infinity Kingdoms, they have so many utility and powerful skills that you can’t possibly ignore the benefits!

If anyone has been trying to figure out how to obtain the fire immortals, then I am very sure this article must have helped you a lot because it just explains everything that you could possibly need to know! This will not only enhance your game, but will also give you the strength you need to improve your skill sets.

While you will definitely need to wait a significant amount of time before you can unlock the fire immortals, it is definitely something that you should strive towards. Ashoka is a very epic fire immortal, and he is a great candidate to be your fire immortal!

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