Gain Lord EXP Fast in Infinity Kingdom

Gain Lord EXP Fast in Infinity Kingdom – Tips And Tricks

Infinity Kingdom fans are surely aware of the Lord EXP they gain as they progress in-game. The Lord EXP determines how fast you’re able to level up your character.

You probably know for sure that the Lord’s character plays a vital role in the Infinity Kingdom game. To make sharp progress and compete with others in correspondence to the resource spot or talent points you gather.

The primary importance of leveling up your Lord is that it allows you to use talent points to redeem a plethora of worthy rewards. 

So, now you know the perks of quickly leveling up your in-game character. For starters, we are here to shower you with some useful tips and tricks to boost the amount of Lord EXP-

How to Gain Lord EXP Fast in Infinity Kingdom?

The best and fastest way to collect Lord EXP in Infinity Kingdom is by completing the Growth Quests and Daily Missions. These two segments come under the Mission category. It consists of several tasks for you to complete. 

The sole motive is to gain rewards and increase Lord EXP. Without any ado, let’s jump into the ways in which you can do that!

Completing Growth Quests

Completing Growth Quests

It’s a cakewalk to complete the Growth Quests that will allow you to increase your Lord level quickly. Not only will it improve your Kingdom level but also bestow your Kingdom’s with immense power.

The tasks which you need to do as a gamer to complete Growth Quests are as follows:

  • Upgrade Buildings– You will need to upgrade the buildings of your Kingdom, like barracks and other structures, to gain Lord EXP.
  • Collecting Resource- There is a mission to collect resources in your Kingdom that will allow you to get a wholesome amount of Lord EXP.
  • Training Troops- There is an achievement in this section named Elite Troops. To complete and receive 400 Lord EXP, you will need to train 4,500,000 Troops. You can do that by adding and dismissing troops in your barracks once trained.
  • Researching Technologies- You can sort the short time research techs available that you can complete from the Research Technologies to gain EXP faster. You can choose from any of the trees like from Production, Troops, or Immortal.
  • Market Purchase- Purchasing items from the Market will give you a good amount of gold and decent Lord EXP.
  • Upgrading Dragon- It is a standard mission to upgrade the Dragon’s level to get Lord EXP as a reward.

By completing the Growth Quests fast, you can progress much easier in-game and beat off your competitors by leveling your character up.

Completing Daily Missions

Daily Quest in Infinity Kingdoms

Although, the Daily Missions are not worthy as compared to Growth Mission in respect to Lord EXP. However, it plays a vital role and is easy to do.

These Missions are meant for the day and reset daily at 00:00:00 UTC.

The Missions that allow you to gain Lord EXP are listed below that you should keep in mind as a part of the Infinity Kingdom family:

  • Three campaigns in the Well of Time
  • Using one resource item
  • Defeating Gnomes
  • Training Troops
  • Gathering Resources

The missions mentioned above refresh daily and bring you new challenges to add a note of excitement and adventure. You must keep an eye on these daily missions as they don’t require much effort to complete and will fetch you, Lord EXP.


It is important to note that there are only two proven ways to get Lord EXP in Infinity Kingdom. You will need to complete both Growth and Daily Missions to collect a healthy EXP for your character.

In return, you are maximizing the experience and getting a head start for your Kingdom to grow. Then, you “up” your Kingdom power to a certain extent. We recommend you to focus on these two missions solely on your initial days playing Infinity kingdom. As you progress further, it becomes more difficult and time-consuming to level your Lord up.

 In the game’s early stages, follow the tips and tricks to grant yourself better rewards compared to other players and level up at a blazing pace. Good luck!

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