Lucasta Holy Dragon Guide

Lucasta Holy Dragon Guide

Hello, players of the Infinity Kingdom! Don’t worry, because you’ve arrived at the right place. This guide will teach you everything there is to know about the Holy Dragon in the Infinity Kingdom. So, without further ado, let us begin!

During the early stages of the game, the Holy Dragon cannot be used. However, once the Holy Dragon is discovered within the game, you can play it. The Holy Dragon can be found in the dragon cave. The holy dragon eggs are obtainable in special packages.

It can be used in battle whenever it is available, but the egg must first be obtained. These packages should be available soon, as the Devs have already released the Shadow Dragon in the Holy Dragon game.

Lucasta is the name of the holy dragon. Lucasta has excellent defensive abilities, and his special ability allows him to prolong the fight. This benefits his teammates. The shadow dragon is the fighter who causes the most chaos.

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Holy Dragon’s skills

The Holy Dragon possesses three primary abilities.

The Holy Dragon’s first ability is to heal all of his allies. When compared to water dragon, this has a lower healing skill, but the area of effect is much larger, and it has a buff effect that reduces damage for twelve seconds.

The holy dragon, lucastas, is skilled at crowd control. This is his second talent. Here, he can reduce the opponent’s damage by twelve seconds, as well as troop defeats, by deploying his disarm debuff. This lucasta skill comes in handy when fighting against the mighty nukers and heavy hitters.

Lucasta’s third ability is that he will give his partners more powerups than usual. This he accomplishes by giving the partners some extra crit and chasing trails in the battle. By improving the battle, he also provides some additional skill damage to the Holy Immortals.

As previously stated, the Holy Dragon cannot be played at this time, and thus his pieces cannot be obtained. Perhaps in the near future, the game’s creator will hold a wheel event where we can obtain shadow dragon and shadow immortal pieces.

Divine Protection: Lucasta casts a spell that heals all of his ally units while also giving two of them a damage reduction buff for 12 seconds.
Regeneration Rate: 45,000/ 90,000/ 135,000/ 203,000/ 293,000/ 405,000/ 540,000/ 698,000/ 878,000/ 1,080,000
Damage Reduction Rate:75%/ 15%/ 16.25%/ 17.5%/ 18.75%/ 20%/ 21.25%/ 22.5%/ 23.75%/ 25%

Lucasta has a chance to cast a Disarm debuff on three random enemy units with Judgment Roar. For 12 seconds, the debuff reduces their damage by 35%.
Chance: 5% / 54% / 58.5 % / 63 % / 67.5 % / 72 % / 76.5 % / 81 % / 85.5 % / 90%

Infinite Galaxy: During the fight, all Immortals gain bonus crit and dodge rate. If there are any Holy Immortals on the team, they will also receive bonus damage.
Crit Rate: 12%/ 14%/ 16%/ 18%/ 20%/ 22%/ 24%/ 26%/ 30%
Dodge Rate: 12%/ 14%/ 16%/ 18%/ 20%/ 22%/ 24%/ 26%/ 30%
Bonus Damage: 8.25%/ 9%/ 9.75%/ 10.5%/ 11.25%/ 12%/ 12.75%/ 13.5%/ 14.25%/ 15%

The Holy Dragon’s stages

You should be familiar with the Holy Dragon’s various stages.

The egg stage

At this time, dragon eggs cannot be obtained. According to the game’s creators, the eggs will be available in packages that can be purchased in the shop.

The Infancy stage

A small sparkling boy emerges from the egg that Lucasta cracks open. This boy can be used to give the immortal’s bonus attributes and extra element affinity.

The Adolescence stage

When the Holy Dragon, lucasta, reaches level five, he enters the adolescence stage. Here, he will receive significant defensive boosts that are both real and phenomenal. Lacasta also gains spiritual security, which aids him in curing the team and provides him with additional damage reduction.

The Adulthood stage

The second skill, judgment roar, can be useful in this situation. This ability reduces the severity of some of the rivals’ injuries while fighting. This ability also aids in the defense of your kingdom. It is a very useful skill. To enter this stage, you will need forty Holy Dragon Pieces and a large sum of gold.

Elder stage

In this stage, the Holy Dragon, Lucasta, has attained ultimate power. He activates the third ability. This ability enhances one’s ability to fight in the arena. You’ll need eighty Holy Dragon pieces to level up the dragon and twenty-five tons of gold. 


I hope you found this guide useful and that you are able to successfully complete this game. We’ve covered everything you need to know about the Holy Dragon, from its abilities to its stages, so you’ll know exactly what to do if you come across one. One more thing that you should know is that you can Play Infinity Kingdom on PC, so feel free to try it.

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