Honor Points and Nobility Rank Guide

Nobility Rank and Honor Points Guide

In the Infinity Kingdom, Honor Points help boost Nobility Ranks and defeat teams led by other Lords. Except for the fact that they are protected, destroying camp isn’t very rewarding. 

If no one wants to fight in the castle, you don’t have alternative ways to make them do so. You might be wondering about the ways to collect Honor Points. Well, read on to know more!

One thing that can definitely boost your Honor Points and Nobility Rank are good choices of immortals so check our Infinity kingdom Tier List.

How Can You Score Honor Points in the Infinity Kingdom?

There are a couple of methods to defend and score Honor Points in the Infinity Kingdom. These are as follows:

Make sure that you move beside the node so that the player doesn’t get any notification that you are present there. To do so, you need to send your troops to a nearby distance.

As you get close, it redirects you to the enemy camp. 

Honorable Battles

Did you know that several other players are also waiting to battle and collect Honor Points in the Infinity Kingdom? It’s better to find a suitable opponent and go for a one-to-one Battle. In the one-to-one battle, you get alternative turns to attack your opponent. 

On the off chance that you don’t come to travel time, you need to prepare for timed battles. It provides you with more time-consistent Honor Points.

Battle Against Your Opponents to Collect Honor Points

Battling against allied forces provides players with a handful of Honor Points. Once you start losing, you will gain back Honor Points in the long run. If your stock empties, you need to pay for the unnecessary casualty.

It lowers your prosperity and transports you away if opponents keep on attacking you. 

If you want to hide power level from your opponents, you need to shift C and B immortals from your attacking queue. 

Moreover, you have the liberty to reduce your attacking skill by 2K. Stay mindful that if your enemies find you with less power, they are more likely to attack you.

Gaming Stats of the Nobility System in the Infinity Kingdom

Defeat your opponent’s team. It helps to improve your Nobility Rank while increasing your Honor Points. 

The nobility point grants bonuses to all the team members. With Nobility Rank having a reduced quota, Honor Points get allocated by the Lords. 

A higher Nobility Rank will deduct 1% of your Honour Point each day. 

The Infinity Kingdom Challenges Your Decision-Making Skills

The Infinity Kingdom is one of the decision-making games that challenge your skills. Each player is responsible for ensuring that their territory outshines in terms of military strength and financial stability.

While managing the kingdom, the player gets mentally and physically ready to face all the challenges that come on their way. 

Wrap Up

As you can understand, Kingdom management furnishes players with the knowledge to take on their opponent. 

It is part of the PVP factor of Infinity Kingdom that you are ready to counterattack your enemy. As a lord, you need to protect your land from your enemies while safeguarding Northeim from the monster genomes. Do not forget to use all Infinity kingdom Redeem Codes.

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