How to Choose a Kingdom in the Infinity Kingdom Game

How to Choose a Kingdom in the Infinity Kingdom Game

The three Kingdom choices seem easy infinity kingdom, but choosing the right one can be difficult. Each of the Kingdoms present in the game has intriguing perks for your troops. 

From bonuses to buffs, you can get it all, depending on the Kingdom you choose. Moreover, you will have benefits from strong players through territory control. So, what Kingdom should you choose? 

This guide will take you on a Kingdom-hunting journey and help you choose the right one! 

To enjoy the Infinity Kingdom Graphic and gameplay try to play Infinity Kingdom on PC.

Kingdoms Available in the Infinity Kingdom

Creating a new character will land you on the Kingdom selection screen. Your server will determine the recommended Kingdom which you may choose to join. 

Joining it as a first-time player will give you free rewards – 100 VIP points and 200 gems! Furthermore, you can use this as an early booster reward to level up your Lord

What’s more, Taking advantage of this reward system will be beneficial for you as you can start seizing your zone! 

Ydvia – The Kingdom of Mystery

Ydvia Kingdom Infinity Kingdoms

In its essence, Ydvia entails rationality and mystery. Moreover, it possesses an alchemist considered to be the most talented in Norheim. Their power is the best in all the Kingdoms! 

You will have a +5% health bonus for your spearmen troops. 

Irrespective of your server, you will find the Ydvia Kingdom to be most recommended. 

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It is the perfect start for beginners. Other than that, it also provides conquering zones that you can excel in through sheer number! 

Vitas – The Kingdom of Nature

Vitas Kingdom Infinity Kingdoms

This Kingdom offers a +5% health bonus for your shieldman troops. So, you will have an HP bonus for your immortals specializing in these troops. 

Vitas is in the fertile area of Norheim, where the Lords believe that its essence is in the supreme law of nature. Moreover, it houses a sacred tree named Saris that embodies this essence. 

Furthermore, a beginner and a professional can both indulge in the Vitas Kingdom. 

Ruslan – The Fearsome Kingdom 

Ruslan Kingdom Infinity Kingdoms

Unlike the other two Kingdoms, Ruslan offers a fierce and powerful vibe. Moreover, it assists Lords in showcasing intense combat skills in Norheim. 

You can indulge in your value, valor, and strength to update your Lords and Immortals! 

Joining this Kingdom will offer a +5% health bonus for the horsemen, benefiting the cavalry immortals. Even then, the popularity of the Ruslan Kingdom is not at par with the others. 

It is mainly because only experienced Lords can play it. Here you will need to show tremendous power and reign over your enemies. 

Only join this Kingdom if you can handle the zone with dominance and power! 

Which Kingdom Should You Select?

Picking the recommended Kingdom will be ideal as it gives you a stable ping and first-time rewards! 

However, you have up to level 9 to make changes in your Kingdom. Post which, the Lord is stuck with that choice. Making a strategic decision will help you harness the best skills. So, experiment with all the Kingdoms before your castle turns 9. 

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Utilize every Kingdom and use different plans of action to determine which one works best. 

Did you know that the zones have a massive city? With your alliance, you need to capture it if you want to reap bonuses! 

If you win, your Kingdom will have control over the city. 

Moreover, depending on your strategies, you can choose the type of Kingdom you want. 

For example: Choose Vitas or Ruslan for powerful gameplay! 

However, Ydvia is the best Kingdom in the game, and it has all the new Lords for beginners. You can use your capability and grow your community to ensure that your Kingdom becomes a formidable foe! 

Summing Up

As you can see, Infinity Kingdom does not have “infinite” Kingdoms. It only has three! 

Each of them entails rewards, which can only be effective if you know how to utilize them. For example, choosing the Kingdom of nature would be ideal if you have good control over your shieldman troops. 

However, the recommended Kingdom will give you rewards and stable gameplay. Choosing the right Kingdom from Ydvia, Ruslan and Vitas is entirely up to you. All you have to do is solidify your strategies before your castle reaches level 9!

After you chose your kingdom we prepared Infinity Kingdom Tier List and a List of all Infinity kingdom Redeem Codes.

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