How to Farm Resources in Infinity Kingdom

How to Farm Resources in Infinity Kingdom

You need to collect resources to advance in any game. This is the case with the Infinity Kingdom game, where you must gather resources to upgrade the four sets of production buildings. 

These buildings are mills, quarries, smelters, and farms, which generate the at par basic resources to support your Kingdom. The game is a lot harder when you lack resources, but not anymore. 

Here’s our guide to help you farm resources and take your game to the next level.

The Beginner’s Dilemma

Infinity Kingdom resource spots are different from many other same genre mobile games available in the market.

In the Infinity Kingdom game, a high Lord Level is needed to farm the resource spots because of the requirement of a vast army to accumulate them.

This is undoubtedly not possible initially due to a lack of resources, which leads to not being able to farm high-level spots.

The Solution Resources in Infinity Kingdom

Farming resources can be confusing, but here we are to help you with that. There are four main ways that will help you farm resources. They include the following:

  • Farm resource spots on the map
  • Stimulate your city resource augmentation
  • Create a mini farming account
  • Rout Gnome Bosses for resources

Continue reading the guide to know the strategies in detail.

Farm Resource Spots on the Map

Initially, you might be confused and not be able to farm many resources. But when you reach a higher level, the resource spots range from level 1 to 8. Also, the Forbidden Zone becomes closer to the border of the resource spots, promoting more active playing and limiting competition between Lords.  

Due to this strategy, the active or professional players who devote more time will advance faster in the game and get more high-level spots that the high-level Lords can only capture. 

Five Lord level increments are needed for each up-gradation of the resource spot level. Below are the resource spot and Lord levels required for farming the same.

Resource LevelLord Level
Resource Level 1Lord Level 0
Resource Level 2Lord Level 5
Resource Level 3Lord Level 10
Resource Level 4Lord Level 15
Resource Level 5Lord Level 20
Resource Level 6Lord Level 25
Resource Level 7Lord Level 30
Resource Level 8Lord Level 35

Stimulate Your City Resource Augmentation

City Resource

Leveling up your resource buildings can passively lead to more resources like food, iron, wood, stone, and gold. In the early stages, the storage capacity of these buildings max out very quickly, but this can be increased by up-gradation of the same.

It is a general principle that more resources help in collecting more further resources better. This will assist in accelerating your early-stage development and support your tier 5 troops later in the game.

Create Mini Farming Accounts

As the same server can accommodate three characters, you can have one primary character and two characters for farming, research alliance technology, and training tier 5 troops. 

This three-character strategy is used by pro or veteran players to gather as many resources as possible. They use the main character to send the army to loot the resources and bring them to the city.

Lord 20 level is considered ideal to begin using the farming characters by creating mini farming accounts. Keeping all the three characters in the same Kingdom can help leverage alliance and gift sending ability after reaching VIP 7.

Rout Gnome Bosses for Resources

Last but not least, defeating Gnome Bosses can be another great way to acquire resources as rewards earned are based on the damage and not only on killing the Gnome Bosses. So commanders that are on the top of infinity kingdom tier list.

If you can defeat Gnomes at levels 5 and 6, you can easily beat a Gnome Boss. But for that also, an alliance is a plus cause solely fighting the Gnome Boss might be highly damaging.

Plenty of Gnome Bosses on the map increases the chance of higher farming opportunities.


This article provided a comprehensive plan and different ways for farming resources in the Infinity Kingdom. As mentioned above, you can farm more resources by

  1. Farming high-level resources using high-level Lords by playing actively
  2. Increase the production and storage capacity of the city
  3. Creating mini farming accounts for accommodating multiple characters in a single server and them gift things to the main character and farm more resources
  4. Earn more rewards by fighting Gnome Bosses

This was all you needed to know about the farming of resources in the Infinity Kingdom. Felicitous playing!  The Infinity Kingdom is a complex game so we strongly advise you to check our Beginners Guide.

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