Gold in Infinity Kingdom: How To Spend Gold Efficiently

Infinity Kingdom_ How To Spend Gold Efficiently

Infinity Kingdoms lovers know this – gold is an extremely rare-occurring and precious commodity! You are always on the lookout for gold because it is very beneficial for the game.

However, in recent times, more opportunities are arising to acquire gold. If your luck allows it, you can even be the owner of the massive amount of gold! So now the question arises – what is the best way to use it?

There are multiple ways in which you can use up the gold. You can either spend it on your harbor if you are in the mood for sailing. Another place where gold happens to be a boon is in leveling up your dragons. Finally, you can also boost your immortals with the help of gold.

So what should be the order of priority? In this article, we will discuss the most efficient way and the best order to utilize your gold.

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What is the Most Worthy Investment of Gold?

The best place to start investing your gold would be on dragons. Yes, immortals are also important. However, the boost for immortals is usually at a smaller pace. So a suggestion would be to do your primary troop in the beginning. Max out on your primary troop.

You should give it all into your primary troop and level them up. Leave the others for later. Thus, in this way, you save up on a lot of gold. It would be best if you save it till you can level up your dragon.

In the meanwhile, the gold costs will keep soaring. But one thing you need to keep in mind is that gold prices only rise till leaven 40. At level 40, you got all six of your dwellings. Moreover, once in a while, you will pop some gold boost. That is when you should be doing it.

At this stage, leveling up smaller dragons will be quicker. One of the major reasons for this is that you are receiving a higher income for the dragons to initiate their leveling up process. These are a few key points you should keep in mind when deciding how to level these items.

The Right Approach of Spending the Gold

So, as previously mentioned, you need to prioritize putting your gold on your dragons along with correctly leveling up your primary troop. Level them equally at the same boost level.

If after these, there is any remainder, you can go ahead for a twelve-hour run. However, it is quite a gamble, and there are equal chances of success and failure. You can also skip for a few days if you want to save more for the dragons.

You can never opt to go to the harbor and put all your gold on the dragon. The min-max approach can work out very efficiently! Then all you need to do is boost the primary troop. We want to tell you that this article is speaking from the perspective of the free-to-play version. 

In short – spend the gold on dragons till they level up to 40. Then eventually start working on the other immortals. For instance, once your primary troop reaches level 20, work on the second, consequently on the third, and so on.

Everything here tells you how you can efficiently save gold that you are getting for income on the free version. We told you how to spend gold right to get a profitable return on investment. 

Tips to Handle Gold

Let us discuss one of the greatest pro-tips to acquire gold. Whenever you get the optional chests, it is a no-brainer to go for gold. There should be absolutely no reason for you to choose anything from the optional chest except for gold.

Summing Up

The Infinity Kingdom is a game that requires a lot of brains. One of the major tasks is to handle the gold efficiently in the game. In Infinity Gold, gold is finite and very tough to find too. 

So, if you happen to chance upon a lot of gold, you need to build a strategy to use it efficiently. The first and foremost place to invest in is on your dragons. Along with this, you should also level up your primary troop – but only that one. Also you have to choose right kingdoms.

Others can wait till you progress into the game. Harboring is a choice for you. You can either go for it or leave it. And that is the most efficient way to utilize gold in the Infinity Kingdom especially if you are a beginner! We hope this article helps you be a better player. Happy gaming!

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