Infinity Kingdom Alchemy Lab

Infinity Kingdom Alchemy Lab

The Alchemy Lab in Infinity Kingdom is a great way to improve your Immortals, especially as you get later into the game and collect more Epic Immortals and need to upgrade their equipment and skills. While you can upgrade passive skills through the Tower of Knowledge, the Alchemy Lab can become your number one spot for simple and effective upgrades. It will be a great help when trying to level up your Immortals as quickly as possible with the least hassle.

But what exactly is the Alchemy Lab, and how do you use it? 

You can build an Alchemy Lab once your castle gets to level ten. It’s a science building that lets you funnel extra Immortal fragments and turn them into Soul Crystals. You can collect Immortal fragments from events, farming gnomes and fighting gnome bosses, and the Hall of Immortals. Soul Crystals can then be used to upgrade your Immortals’ passive skills. You can also use any extra Soul Crystals to enchant stone to continue upgrading your gear.

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The Alchemy Lab has three divisions, each with its own function:

Immortal Dismantle

This is the first option in the Alchemy Lab. Here, you can dismantle your Immortal fragments to convert them into Soul Crystals. It’s a simple three-step process. 

Step 1

First thing first, be sure to lock the Immortal fragments you definitely don’t want to lose. The lock feature will keep your important Immortal fragments from turning into Soul Crystals. It also makes it possible to pour your extra regular and rare fragments in before you move onto the epic and elite fragments. 

Step 2

Once you’re done ensuring that all the Immortal fragments you value are safe from destruction, you can switch modes. You’ll be able to see that your locked fragments are now unavailable and so there’s no risk of accidentally turning them into Soul Crystals.

After switching modes, select the fragments you have no other use for and convert them into Soul Crystals. 

Step 3

After selecting each fragment, they’ll go into an empty potion bottle. You can convert up to six fragments in one go, but you can continue doing so as long as you want to since there’s no limit.  

You may use the 1-Tap button if you have a lot of fragments that you want to convert to speed up the process and save some time. However, it would be better to select a few selected fragments at a time and click the Refine button if you want a specific number of Soul Crystals.

Immortal Reborn

This is going to be especially important in the late game. It’s a handy way of quickly leveling up your Immortals and, unfortunately, it’s one many players can often overlook. 

By reborning Immortals, you can get back everything you invested in them, including the resources, runes, fragments, and experience scrolls. This way, you can make the most out of your weaker Immortals, which will be especially helpful once you collect elite or epic Immortals. Simply follow these two easy steps to reborn your Immortals.

 Step 1:

Select the Immortal to reborn and click the Reborn button to recover all of your items. Pick your weaker Immortals since they’ll be the ones needing the most help later into the game.

Step 2:

Select the Immortals you want to upgrade with all of the items you’ve recovered from the reborning process. 

Equipment Dismantle 

After playing the game for a while, you’ll begin to notice that the enchant stone cost of upgrading your equipment—especially for epic and elite gear—gets higher and higher. One option would be to spend forever farming gnomes and hope they drop double enchant stones. Or you could use the Alchemy Lab to dismantle equipment you don’t need anymore. The process itself is similar to dismantling Immortals and only has three steps. 

Step 1:

Just as we did when dismantling Immortals, you’ll want to lock all of your valuable equipment first. Farming equipment, especially expensive equipment, takes a lot of time.  If you don’t, you’ll risk converting them into Enchant Stones and losing them.  

Step 2:

Switch modes and dismantle any unnecessary equipment you have lying around. You could either select each item individually, or just use the 1-Tap button and get things done smoother. 

Step 3:

Click on the dismantle button and collect your new Enchant Stones. The amount will depend on the quality of the equipment you dismantled; the higher its quality, the more Enchant Stones you receive. 


And that’s everything you need to know to take advantage of the Alchemy Lab! Go forth and make the best use of your newly acquired knowledge. If you need some extra gems and speedups, check out our infinity kingdom redeem codes list for some freebies.

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