Infinity Kingdom Beginners Guide and Tips

Infinity Kingdom Beginners Guide

Are you looking for a game where you can build a kingdom? Then, you must try Infinity Kingdom . Infinity Kingdom has a lot for you in-store; you can develop strategies and build the kingdom from scratch. 

You will become the lord of the kingdom and be sent on a mission to develop it and fight against any odds or players to protect it. 

Does this interest you? If it does, then this Infinity Kingdom beginners guide is packed with techniques and tips for you to excel at the game. 

Infinity Kingdom: An Overview

Infinity Kingdom, a MMO strategy game, can be played on both Android and iOS devices. At first, when you start the game, you have the option to choose between three kingdoms: Vitas, Ruslan, and Ydvia. 

Each kingdom comes with a different set of perks and alliances. It is recommended that you choose the one that offers VIP points and Free gems. 

Secondly, go through the chapter mission. Chapter mission is like a tutorial which helps you navigate the game and understand each feature. 

There are several objectives and missions meant for you to accomplish throughout the game. Accomplishing them can help you win many exciting rewards such as philosopher’s stone and speed-ups, which help ‘speed up the process of building the kingdom. 

You might be curious to know the pillars of this game and what all is included:

  • Building the kingdom
  • Completing the missions
  • Joining alliances
  • Recruiting troops
  • Upgrading the kingdom – introducing technologies 
  • Summon the immortals
  • The lord talent tree
  • Harbor – sail for rewards
  • Upgrading Dragons
  • Well in time
  • Redeem Codes

If you focus on each of these aspects, winning would be easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy!

Getting Started: Tips and Techniques

Now that you know what the game is all about, here are some methods or tips to accelerate your gaming and increase the chances of winning. 

Builder Cues

Essentially, you should utilize all the builder cues, that is, the aspects mentioned above- building the kingdom, completing the missions, joining alliances, etc. 

Secondly, every time you upgrade your wall, especially at the beginning of the game, you should be manufacturing the fortifications as these should always remain at ‘maximum.’ 

Focusing on Water Elements

Gaming experts suggest that you start with the water elements because you will get extra bonuses for three to five units of the same elements in your troop configuration. 

If you focus on the water elements at the beginning of the game, you will gain extremely powerful immortals for free. Later in the game, it will cost a lot to upgrade them. 

Focusing on the water elements will also help you progress faster in the well of time. In addition, there will be a lot in the store for you, such as equipment bonuses. You can move on to the other element after you have maxed out the water elements. 

Start in the Newest Server

If you want to know which server you are on, you can go on settings character management Server options. 

Each day, new events unlock every time you reach a 20-event milestone or daily quest milestone. So, gaming experts suggest that you always start on the newest possible server.

Join in Active Alliance

Joining inactive alliances is essential as several benefits follow. You can get several free alliances that help you in building and researching. It is recommended that you get an active and strong alliance at the beginning of the game itself. 

In addition, you are also bound to get protection when needed. Lastly, you can also gain access to the alliance shop. 

Focusing On the Buildings that Need Upgrading

As there is a lot to focus on while upgrading, you might get confused and wonder which building to focus on primarily for upgrading? Essentially, you should focus on your castle. Hence, do the perquisites first. 

Various reasons factor into why you should focus on your castle first. One of which is that the number of alliances you would get help from is based on the castle level. In turn, you have to focus on upgrading the training grounds; hence, increasing the training troops. 

Mitigate the Risk

You should be careful when you fight the gnomes and the non-playable characters in the open fields because that can give you death. 

Therefore, you should ensure that you have many troops and that most of them are not dead or in the hospital when you are planning on combating a non-playable character or a gnome. 

This is not a tip but a reminder that you should mitigate risk before you plan on grinding. 

You Can Upgrade Your Barracks Even During Training

You can upgrade your barracks and even train your troops anytime. You need not wait for the troops to halt or stop training. Let both the processes run simultaneously. Again, this point is not essentially a tip, but a reminder, so that you always keep training your troops. 

Builder Queues

You can have up to three building queues. By constantly unlocking and using the other building queues, you will be speeding up the building process, which can help you reach your objective faster. 

Therefore, you can keep in mind that you can have up to three building queues. 

Grind the Highest Level of Gnome

Another extremely crucial tip is to ensure that you grind the highest level of Gnome. Doing this helps you get the highest possible equipment drops. 

Compare your army or troops with the Gnomes, check the level and the power and then summon accordingly. However, think it through so you do not have many deaths in the troop. There is an additional tip – Save the AP to defeat the world bosses.

Well of Time

This is considered the expedition mode. In addition, this is the part that you should focus on and grind it well. 

The reason behind this is that you can attain some of the most important items that can help you boost immortals. Hence, you can gain more power. In addition, you also get some exciting bonuses such as gems and speed-ups. 


Lastly, it is recommended that you should always do your dailies. This tip is necessary as by doing your dailies, you can increase your lord level. In addition, you can attain some free gems and philosopher’s stones every single day. 

Final Words

The Infinity Kingdom or any other game requires you to practice and explore every single day. As there are so many aspects to this game, you can only get acquainted with it if you spend some time playing and gaining essential experience. 

If you play every day and in accordance with the tips mentioned in the article, you can be a pro-gamer in no time.

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