Infinity Kingdom Tier List

Infinity Kingdom Tier List

Are you in search of the best immortals in the Infinity Kingdom? Have you been struggling to gather the list of tiers for your favorite game? Then you have arrived at the right place.

Infinity Kingdom has many immortals in the game. However, if you are a F2P player, you might go through a hard time choosing a few out of them to invest in. But premium players take it all easily.

However, worry no more! We have the Infinity Kingdom Tier list to help you prosper in your game. So, get on your gaming seats and read through this post to get started with your game.

Infinity Kingdom Immortals Tier List

Here is the list of the different immortals in the game of Immortal Kingdom:

TiersInfinity Kingdom Immortals
William I, William the Conqueror
Theodora, Empress of Eastern Rome
Siegfried, Dragon Slayer
Qin Emperor, Unifying Ruler
Leonidas, King of Sparta
Hannibal Barca, Father of Strategy
Gilgamesh, Hero King of Sumeria
Genghis Khan, The First Great Khan
Flavius Belisarius, Mediterranean Conqueror
Elizabeth Bathory, The Blood Countess
Cleopatra, Queen of the Nile
Charles the Great, Father of Europe
Baldwin IV, Leper King
Atilla the Hun, Scourge of God
Alexander the Great, Conqueror of the World
Zenobia, Queen of Resisting Rome
Yoshitsune, Legendary Samurai Commander
Yi Seong–gye, Founder of Joseon
Saladin, Warrior King of Ayyubid
Richard I, The Lionheart
Ramesses II, Last Glory of Egypt
Peter the Great, Emperor of All Russia
Peter the Great, Emperor of All Russia
Moctezuma I, The Angry Lord
Merlin, The Great Wizard
Medb, Queen of Brutality
King Arthur, King of Camelot
Helen of Troy, Renowned Beauty
Julius Caesar, Roman Dictator
Joan of Arc, The Maid of Orleans
Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazon
Ashoka, Buddhist King
Harald III, Hard Ruler
Frederick I, Emperor Barbarossa
Empress Wu, Empress Supreme
El Cid, Conqueror of Valencia
Brynhild, Great Conqueress
William Wallace, Champion of Freedom
Spartacus, Rebel Gladiator
Sanada Yukimura, Last Samurai
Robin Hood, Forest Outlaw
Mulan, Heroine of Wei
Gaius Marius, Artistic Warrior
Edward, Black Prince
Boudica, Queen of the New Nation
Arminius, First German Hero
Amanitore, Light of Kush
Isabella of Castile, Great Founder
Abaoji, Snake of the Prairie
Lancelot, Knight of the Lake
John Henry, Steel Driver
Bedivere, One-Armed Swordsman
Pelayo, Prince of Asturias
Constance, Queen of Sicily
Caenis, Spear Legend
Samson, Judge of the Sun
Jebe, Conqueror of the West
Tomoe Gozen, Vanquishing Arrow
Vlasta, Courageous Heroine
Arnold Von Winkelried, General of Athens
John Zizka, One-Eyed Zizka
Niels Ebbesen, Tyrannical Patriot
Pierre Terrail, Fearless Knight

Tier S

S Tier immortals are powerful right from the very beginning. They get even more powerful when you upgrade them throughout the game. They are compatible with any unit or troops and are still viable with only one unlocked skill.

Tier A

Tier A immortals may fall off in the ideal situations compared to those of S Tier. They are compatible only with a specific type of troop. So, if you can put them in the right group, you should go ahead and pursue that.

Tier B

If you are a F2P player, the immortals of this tier can prove to be solid choices to move levels ahead. Although they require specific units to show their true colors, they are easily attainable. Also, you can upgrade them pretty soon.

Tier C

The immortals of this tier are highly useful in the early game but not so much in the late game. They seem to fall short of power soon. So, you should invest in them only if you do not have an alternate choice.

Tier D

These immortals are similar to but weaker than those of Tier C. Although they appear quite useful in the early game, you would soon want to replace them with better immortals. It would be best not to invest too much into the immortals of this tier.

Tier F

The units of this tier come at the last for a reason. So, it would be best to avoid investing in them unless you have no other choice.

About Infinity Kingdom

Infinity Kingdom is a cartoon-style free massively multiplayer online (MMO) video game. The developer and publisher of the game are YOUZU(SINGAPORE)PTE.LTD. It was released in December 2020 for Android device users, and the iOS version was released in January 2021.

In the game, the players enact to be the resourceful Lord. They need to defend the land of Norheim against the gnomes. Also, while in the game, they have to protect themselves from other invaders who are other players worldwide.

Since its launch, a million users have been obsessed with the game, and it has been played massively worldwide.

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