PvP Honor For Higher Nobility Rank

PvP Honor For Higher Nobility Rank

Are you a fan of Infinity kingdom? Do you play it on a regular basis? Well, you are at the right place.  

This article will help all the players in a server and your alliance. It will also help manage the server and the expectations you take with you during PvP-related situations.

When Should You Be Doing PvP?

Here are some of the situations where you should be using the PvP Honor. First, up will be the Conventional Lords. This is a server’s kill event spread for two days.

Next will be the King of the Hill event, which has five stages. Stage 5 has a two-day kill event as well.

Then comes the Contention of Relics, which has some individual contract rewards and alliance rewards by doing PvP during the participation stage of the event. The vent lasts three days after the first day and has a 24 hours prep period.

The honor board in Contention of Relics is based on PvP and the relic plus cue points you earn. These are the main arenas to use PvP. 

Contention Awards

If you want to maximize awards, you should do enough PvP, attack people, and do honor trading for accolades in the events. It is suggested that the player should not go as hard as possible since there will be high-level players, spenders, and free-to-play grinders who will kill anyone. 

Because of this, players will go out constantly and attack to get to the top place. This creates a lot of vitality. It would help if you did the bare minimum.

King of the Hill

The rewards in King of the Hill are better than Contention awards. The overall rewards in King of the Hill are way more. Rest assured, the King of the Hill awards are better than stage awards. 

This event will be a bigger event for spenders. Player activity retention is important, and thus it is preferred to do a little more but still save your resources for other events for a better ROI.

Contentions Of Relics

The contention of Relics is a great option to do PvP. The thing is that there are a lot of different contracts. When you get in the middle of the zone, these are tasks and occupying nodes. Even while attacking a player, most contracts are not PvP. COR is just an optional arena. 

PvPs For Nobility

Nobility is one of the biggest frontiers to achieve. It gives you rewards for doing PvP. You have to get to 5 million honor and lord level 30 to start gaining points. The system for nobility ranks is pretty sorted. 

The higher nobility ranks deduct 1% of your current honor every day. So, getting to count two without any point reduction should be the main target. All players should absolutely try to get to count level 2. Guess what, you will get promotion rewards, plus 550 troop numbers as well!

You also receive five passive buffs alongside, which is a great offer. 

What Is The Most Efficient Way To Get Here?

The best way to get here is to accumulate honor. You can do that by attacking player cities. Honor points are lower when there isn’t a garrison. The higher the power player, the higher the troop power you are attacking; all factor in the otter point you get. 

The best time to really min-max your honor is to wait enough until you are leveled up high, and so are others. Once that’s done, you can set up honor trades and have open events. You organize PvPs, and honor trading partners is the way to the next level.

This method will cost you fewer action points and more honor points. The best way to level up faster for your troop power is to focus your AP on pure development. The leveling of power allows you to gather more. It helps in time management as well.

It is best to wait and get to the desired nobility rank more efficiently! All in all, wait till you get to count five and your building reaches 30+ lord level. 

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