Ruins Exploration Guide for the Infinity Kingdom

Ruins Exploration Guide for the Infinity Kingdom

Are you a fan of Infinity Kingdom? If so, you would be aware of a myriad of strategies that can work up to help you reach the next level of the game. One of which is ruins exploration. If you do not know ruins exploration well or haven’t executed the mission yet, this article is for you.

Ruins exploration is one of the most efficient ways to boost your game. It involves investigating the ruins on the world map and collecting rewards for them.

Do you want to know more about ruins exploration and how to go about its missions? Read on to find more information.

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Infinity Kingdom: An Overview

Infinity Kingdom is a strategy MMO game for Android and iOS devices. The game is based on the theme of building and developing kingdoms.

The game involves three kingdoms. You need to choose from Ydvia, Vitas, and Ruslan. For beginners, it is advised to choose the kingdom offering free gems and VIP points.

However, each kingdom is different in terms of its alliances and perks. Hence, it is advised for you to choose the kingdom carefully.

In addition, you are required to walk through the chapter missions at the beginning of the game. The chapter missions offer insights for users to understand the game on the whole and learn about the various features. You can consider the chapter missions as your tutorials.

You need to complete several missions and objectives in the game to achieve the rewards. The rewards are usually speed-ups and philosopher’s stones, which help speed up the building process.

Moreover, the game involves ‘pillars,’ in other words, the objectives and missions, making it very interesting. Here are some of them.

  • Building the kingdom
  • Completing the missions
  • Joining alliances
  • Recruiting troops
  • Upgrading the kingdom – introducing technologies
  • Summon the immortals
  • The Lord talent tree
  • Harbor – sail for rewards
  • Upgrading Dragons
  • Well in time

Focusing on these objectives will help you excel in the game.

Infinity Kingdom: Ruins Exploration

Along with the missions you receive, you can also tap on the other aspects of the game to be a step ahead. If you have observed the world map closely, you will notice that along with the resource points. There are many ruins. These ruins were caused to destroy monsters and dwarfs to make the immortals stronger.

You need to explore these ruins. You need to send specially trained soldiers to inspect the ruins.

Investigating the ruins helps you earn rewards in the form of chests with resources and other materials.

Here are the steps to conduct a ruins exploration:

  • Go to the memorial stele
  • Open it, and you will find the world map
  • The world map is bifurcated into different areas that differ from each other in color.
  • By tapping on the color, you will find the level you have to explore the ruins

When conducting a ruins exploration, you must investigate ten ruins at each site and get ten fragments of the obelisk for this.

Once you complete this mission, you will be rewarded with 50 gems and ten resource chests.

After finishing one task, open the menu with a book that appears to the right of the map. Your new mission will be posted on it.

Tip: Always go according to the mission. Follow what it says precisely. You will find the exact coordinates of the ruins, and their level will be indicated above the book. Collect the stories of the stele so that you can begin investigating the ruins soon. As skills are discovered in the Tower of Knowledge, you will be doing more ruins exploration.

Your experience scale plays a crucial role in helping you reach the next level. If you are persistent in exploring the ruin, you will gain a lot of experience which can benefit you to reach the next level. Therefore, exploring ruins plays a crucial role in boosting your game.

Summing Up

Games like the Infinity Kingdom require you to practice and explore every single day. As there are many aspects to this game, you can only get acquainted with them if you spend time playing and gathering experience.

If you play every day and consider the tips mentioned in the article, you can be a pro-gamer in no time and with Infinity Kingdom on PC You can definitely be..

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