Shadow Immortals Guide Infinity Kingdom

Shadow Immortals Guide

Welcome back, fellow Infinity Kingdom fans! Are you looking forward to finally being able to unlock the use of a Shadow Immortal? But now you aren’t entirely sure how exactly you should go about it? Well, wonder no longer because here is an ultimate guide to understanding how you should use Shadow Immortals in Infinity Kingdoms. 

Here we will begin to introduce you to yet another immortal guide for the infinity kingdoms. Not only will we include all necessary information regarding the shadow immortals, but you will also learn how to play the game in a way you might never have possibly imagined. To progress faster in Infinity Kingdoms check our tier list and redeem codes

Shadow immortals have a huge amount of strength. They are the most powerful immortals. It is not very easy to obtain them and use their skill to the max because the shadow is a player to win against a faction. Therefore to get them, you need to spend gems on the special events for obtaining their shards.

Names of the shadow immortals

It is extremely vital to pick the right shadow immortals for you. There is no right or wrong one you can choose, but it is important to pick the shadow immortal who is the most well suited for you! There are so many options you can pick from. Don’t worry. It may seem daunting at first, but once you assess your strengths and your weaknesses, you are good to go! First, you need to think about what exactly you would like to achieve from the game. Do you want to fight, defend or just go around trying to collect? Are you a warrior? 

The shadow immortals are

  • 1. Elizabeth Bathory
  • 2, Siegfried
  • 3, Himiko
  • 4 Flavius Belisarius.

These are the four shadow immortals that can be of great help in the game. Choose anyone you want in the shadow immortal.

The most powerful shadow immortal in the infinity kingdom is Siegfried. If you are after that level of strength and expertise, then look no further because that is exactly what he brings to the table. His brawn and strength are incomparable as he is definitely the one immortal who can wreak havoc on his enemies.

Himiko is an essential shadow immortal because of the active skill she has. While she is not as strong and as talented as Siegfried, her game tactics are insurmountable. There is nothing she can’t think of and clever and beautifully executed.

While it may be a bit of a stretch to pick her, I would definitely recommend it because she is the one person who truly knows how to play with their head as well as their heart. 

Flavius Belisarius has the most terrifying gloom remedy skill. Try to retain Belisarius when you obtain him, as he is truly powerful. He may not be as powerful as Siegfried or Himiko but it is still worth it. 


Are you feeling a little bit more confident when it comes to how you are going to go about using the shadow immortals? Don’t worry, if you follow this guide you will know exactly who and who not to pick. While it may seem a little daunting at first, it is actually quite easy to decide who is the best option for you. And it is okay even if you can’t decide! You can always go back and reverse your decision!

Nothing is final. I hope that this article has made you a little bit clearer about who you should pick as your shadow immortal. If you are still feeling confused, draw up a list of your own strengths and weaknesses and see which of them aligns with the immortals and then choose that one. Check our other infinity kingdom guides and Happy playing!

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