Infinity Kingdom Spending Guide

Infinity Kingdom Spending Guide

Being a part of the Infinity Kingdom family, you probably know by now about the in-game expenses you need to bear. Sometimes, it is necessary to spend on the items and additional boosts to turbo up a notch.

However, rookie mistakes are inevitable if you’re going to spend your bucks without a plan. It’s wise if you spend the least and make the most out of it.

Give this article a read if you wish to unlock the ways to save that hard-earned money. Our tips are solely meant to be pocket-friendly as well as effective.

Where & How to Spend Your Bucks?

It is often a dilemma for an Infinity Kingdom enthusiast to determine why and how much to spend. The good news is, we have done all the legwork for you.

Just follow the below-mentioned tips for a budget-minded approach to in-game purchases.

Spending on VIP

The worthiest and in-budget spending in the Infinity kingdom is the VIP. The VIP upgrade comes with many rewards and boosts that help you progress at a blazing pace.

Once you hit VIP 10, you get access to the upgraded speed of Dragons. Increase your research speed by 10% and building by 15%. VIP 10 also boosts your Farm Production to 20%.

VIP 11 is such a sweet spot after ten as it hits the upper AP and SP limits. You get the dwelling production for gold boosted by 20%. Not to mention it becomes quite rewarding as you hit VIP 11.

Following VIP 11 comes VIP 12 with unlocking Immortal Attack, better troop training speed, and even 40 Alliance Technology Gem Contributions. More and more bonuses are waiting for you in VIP 13 and 14 with a wide range of exciting and cool new boosts.

Building upgrade speed, Lumber Speed Production, increased resource gathering speed, and many more like the biggest AP and SP limit. You get a 160 shop refreshes and Immortal Base Dodge as you hit VIP 14. While VIP 15 can be the dream of Infinity Kingdom players with its exclusive boosts in each feature.

So, it is a no-brainer to invest your bucks under budget to redeem the most out of the game.

Gem Shop

Gem Shop infinity Kingdoms

You have the Gem Shop that offers you to spend on cool deals to buy Gems with value for money.

Try buying each offer only once as it doubles the value on your first purchase, making the gem buy one heck of a deal!

Growth Fund

We recommend you spend on a growth fund at a higher level, say level 28 or above, which can be the ideal time to spend. Once you buy growth funds, you can get over fifty percent of the value that you get for the total amount of gems.

And when you hit level 40, get all of them for just ten bucks. It doesn’t mean that you cannot make a purchase before 40. But it is wise to get the best deal by just being patient.

Kingdom Supplies

Willing to spend a bill of ten? If so, Kingdom Supplies is the place to invest. Kingdom Supplies offer you a 30-day unlimited gem supply; what more could you ask for?

It is a recent addition to the new update, which proves to be better with attached passive bonuses onto each kingdom supply.

Daily Deals

Infinity Kingdom Daily Bundles

Daily Deals are also something to look after and still have a good value compared to other deals. You spend six bucks to do an epic unlock. That’s a great value, in our opinion, to be honest.

If you buy it daily, you get twenty immortal shards as a reward, and you can upgrade any four immortals pretty well!

Special Bundles

Head start should be the first buy, and it is a no-brainer to invest in, even if you are free to play. This spending won’t go in vain as it will get the permanent building queue unlocked.


While most players get confused on where to spend, now you’re ahead of them. Remember to always keep an eye on the daily best deals for you in the updated version. It will surely come in handy and give you a head start!

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