Titantula Chase Event Guide - Infinity Kingdom

Titantula Chase Event Guide – Infinity Kingdom

If you want to earn some massive and exciting rewards in the Titantula Chase Event from the Infinity Kingdom, then you are at the right place. In this comprehensive guide, we will cover all the aspects of the Titantula you need to know.

If you play the Infinity Kingdom game, you will know the Titantula is one of the most exciting events. It is highly recommended if you have plenty of time to play or are a pro player as you can earn numerous rewards from it.

The Titantula Chase Event can be similar to fighting against Gnome Bosses. You just have to fight against a war machine in this event instead of fighting the Gnome Bosses.

It also allows maximizing your rewards by fighting other Lords, which can be more effective if you have many resources.

Continue reading to find everything about the event. There are plenty of things you wouldn’t want to miss.

Titantula Chase Event: Game Rules

Titantula Chase Event_ Game Rules
Titantula Chase Event_ Game Rules (1)

There are some general game rules that you should know beforehand to plan for the higher level in advance. The Titantula Chase Event has the following rules that you should know before the fight:

Event Period

The Titantula Chase Event begins at 00:00:00 UTC every Sunday and Wednesday. At random locations on the continent, during the event, the Titantula appears six times. 

The timings for the appearance are 0:00/4:00/8:00/12:00/16:00/20:00 UTC. 

Half an hour after the ending of the accumulation, the Lords can challenge the Titantula.

Event Rewards

Individual Damage Reward

Not just defeating; damaging the Titantula during the fight can also get your Lords, Enhance stones, and Justice points.  

Top 10 Damage Reward

The top 10 Lords, which caused the most damage to the Titantula, will receive a special reward on the target’s death.

Reward for Killing the Titantula

If merely damaging the Titantula could give you such rewards, just imagine what would be the reward for killing it.

Once any Lord kills the Titantula, it will receive a random super reward package to cut the suspense.

Justice Reward

Collect more Justice Points in the event because they will convert into bonus point rewards once you collect a certain number of them.

Lords may receive a bonus points reward when they gain enough Justice Points in the event.

Justice Ranking Rewards

There is a ranking-based reward system for the Lords who receive Justice points during the event. 

Titantula Chase Event: Stages

Lords have to clear four stages during the event, which are:

  • Energy Accumulation 
  • Move Territory 
  • Attack Prisoner 
  • Kill Prisoner 

Energy Accumulation Phase

This is the two-hour energy accumulation time just after the appearance of Titantula at six random locations on the map at 0:00, 4:00, 8:00, 12:00, 16:00, and 20:00 UTC.

During this phase, the Titantula will be protected by a magical barrier and cannot be attacked due to the same. Also, Lords can teleport their castles strategically after the appearance of Titantulas’ location.

Move Territory Phase

Lords can move their castles around the Gnome Boss within five kilometers while the Titantula accumulates energy.

This can be done for free once a day. Then, to continue fighting more Titantulas, you will have to use your teleport items.

Attack Prisoner Phase

After attaining energy, the Titantula is freed from the magical seal, and the attack phase of 30 minutes begins.

The Lords command the armies to fight the Titantula, which, if left undefeated, disappears at the end of the phase.

Kill Prisoner Phase

The reward is earned by the Lords if they defeat the Titantula within the Attack Prisoner phase.

Rewards like dragon rocks, gems, and epic immortal fragments are granted to the Lord, who dealt with the final blow. This is an opportunity you wouldn’t want to miss at any cost.

Titantula Chase Ranking and Rewards

Titantula Chase Ranking and Rewards

The Titantula Chase Event has two types of ranking systems. Many bonus rewards can be earned in case of a high rank in both systems during the five rounds. So, the two ranking systems are:

Damage Ranking

A Lord’s damage done in the Titantula Chase Event decides its ranking amongst the most damaging Lord. The top 10 Lords in the rank receive 21,400 Enchant Stones and 7,000 Justice Points each irrespective of the rank.

Justice Ranking

The Justice points earned by a Lord, defeating Titantula, dealing the most damage, and participating during the event decide the justice ranking.

This system sums all your points to give you the ultimate reward in a single round, contrary to the damage ranking system having multiple rounds.

Higher ranking can earn you philosopher’s stones, gems, and powerful speedups. Some rewards are guaranteed no matter how you perform, making it worth the try.


  • You can maximize the damage by choosing the strongest immortal team formation.
  • Attack on the Titntula simultaneously with the other Lords so that the damage is more.
  • Attack more frequently and start by water, earth, fire, wind, and lightning.
  • Save healing speedups to use when Titntula health is low.
  • Leverage the VIP level for getting permanent bonuses to the immortals.
  • You can use holy immortals and Military Lord Talent Build to maximize the damage against Titantulas.
  • Upgrade the hospital frequently so that your troops can heal up quickly without capacity issues.

Final Words

The above was a comprehensive guide on how to go about the Titantula Chase Event. It is vital for you to strategically plan every move and coordinate with other Lords to defeat the Titantula. 

Team formation, hospital upgrades, quick comebacks, and healing speedups are essential aspects of the game that can make or break the deal. So, you should try to be more alert about these.

After you keep all this in mind and play the event, you will get many exciting rewards and bonuses. Felicitous playing, Amigos!

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