Water Dragon Guide

Water Dragon Guide

Are you an infinity kingdom player who can’t get enough of the dragons but has no idea how to play the game? Don’t worry, because in this guide we will provide you with all of the information you require about the water dragon in Infinity Kingdom so that you are no longer confused by it. Let us begin without further ado!

Overview of the Water Dragon

Let us start this guide by discussing the water dragon. Glyndwr is the name of the water dragon, and his main strength is his unique ability to support and heal. Aside from that, he has the ability to temporarily stun his enemies, which is a useful skill to have. This is why he is easily the best dragon in the entire water team.

This dragon has a magical defense stat that allows it to defend and then launch a physical attack. The physical defense stat and the magical attack stat are the other two stats. Upgrading Glyndwr’s level will boost the stats of the immortals, making it extremely valuable.
How to upgrade the level

The water dragon has four main levels. The egg, childhood, adolescence, adulthood, and finally the elder phase You will need gold to update the level of the water dragon. You may be wondering how you can obtain this gold. It is not visible on the map, but you can obtain it through your kingdom and events.

You can also make use of the transmute function.
You’ll also require some dragon crystals. To find them, you must take part in events and defeat bosses. All of these are extremely rare, and the more rare they are, the more crystals you will receive by playing them.

The Egg stage

First, you must locate the dragon egg. This will occur if you complete a mission and receive it as a reward. You’ll be tasked with building a dragon cave in the mission. When the egg hatches, you will have a water dragon! But you can’t use it for anything while the dragon is in this phase.

The Infancy stage

The egg will have hatched at this point, and you will have your water dragon! You can finally use him in your formation now. However, keep in mind that he is still young and thus lacks any reliable skills.

The Adolescence stage

When you reach this stage, you will notice your water dragon gradually growing. He will be able to use his abilities and extend his wing. At this point, the bonus stat, specifically the magical defense aspect, will skyrocket. To get to this point, you only need about twenty crystals.

The Adulthood Stage

The water dragon has reached level fifteen. He’s getting close to his desired form, which is very large and strong. Glyndwr will be able to easily fight and destroy the enemy in this form. The water dragon’s second ability is now available for use. With his ice breath, the dragon will be able to freeze enemies. You’ll need forty crystals to advance to this stage.

The Elder Stage

This is the final stage, and the water dragon will be at his peak in terms of strength and deadliness, able to easily participate in and win numerous fights. His third ability is now active, and it adds a lot of value to your game. At this point, he will be able to easily defeat any enemies. You’ll need eighty crystals and a ton of gold to get to this point.


Despite the fact that the water dragon only has four levels, you can continue to strengthen him by increasing his stats. We covered everything about the water dragon in this article, so that when you play the game, you will know exactly how to proceed with upgrading the water dragon from its initial stages. We hope this guide has given you a better understanding of how to deal with the water dragon.

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