Well of Time Infinity Kingdom Guide

Well of Time Infinity Kingdom Guide

Living in a game with an amazing story can be exciting and fun. But, we all struggle at certain levels in a game. If you’re exploring the Well of Time Infinity Kingdom, you might be struggling a bit in the game.  

But worry not! We have got your game covered. We can tell you a few ways to advance in the game. Besides, if you need to progress in the Well of Time Infinity Kingdom, we have tips to help you in this game.  

Yes, you have come to the right guide. Here, you will explore in detail the famous game called Well of Time Infinity Kingdom. We have also covered tips that can help you advance quickly in the story mode. So, you can reap the long-awaited rewards in no time.

Well of Time Infinity Kingdom: The Story Mode

The Well of Time Infinity Kingdom is an amazing game for the Lords. Yes, it is PvE friendly where you progress at your own time and pace. Besides, as a Lord, you get to explore the history of Norheim.  

Within this story, you will find enemies that will become harder to deal with as you level up. Moreover, the fun doesn’t end because numerous gems and rewards are waiting for you. Also, these rewards help you to reach the VIP level. 

With such enemies at hand, you should dispatch those who can defeat them; your immortal team. Besides, advancing early in the game can be challenging as immortals might not be available for you. But that’s not a problem. 

You can manage the advance by using water dragons and water immortals. Later on, you have other options to focus on, including earth, fire, wind, and lighting immortals. It will help you fight the enemies who are elemental types. 

How to Get Started With the Story Mode in Well of Time

Story Mode in Well of Time

If you’ve played the game, you know there are many chapters in the story or game, as you like to call it. For you to progress, you need to defeat at every stage of the game. So, with every chapter, you get into the wildness of the game, which is indeed super exciting.  

Getting started with the game is simple. In the game, select the chapter or stage you’re currently at. When the new window emerges, you need to defeat the various stages for advancing within the game.  

Moreover, in the story mode, you will earn stars for defeating two stages. These stars will help you unlock the chests available at the bottom. Besides, you also receive special awards. You need to do the following three things to get three stars in the game: 

  • Make sure that your immortals stay alive 
  • If not, only two or fewer immortals should die in the battle 
  • Defeat all your enemies in the game 

Also, it is important to highlight that you receive fifty gems after every major stage in the game. Besides, these gems allow you to level up your status to VIP. If you want to know the awards you get at each stage, you can easily do so. There is a view icon at the lower right corner. So, tap on it to view the items.  

Well of Time Infinity Kingdom: The Bonuses 

Well of Time Infinity Kingdom_ The Bonuses 

The best reason for you to play the game is the bonus you receive at each stage. Yes, you read that right. After completing each chapter within the Well of Time Infinity Kingdom, you get permanent bonuses.  

Besides, it is important to highlight that these bonuses help immensely in the development of your city. So, they act as boosters and give you a reason to progress to the best of your ability. We have compiled a list of permanent bonuses I the game below: 

Here’s a list of permanent bonuses to help you progress smoothly in the game: 

  • Lumber Production Speed +5% 
  • Smeltery Production Speed +5% 
  • Building Speed +10% 
  • Hospital Healing Speed +10% 
  • Gold Production Speed +10% 
  • Training Speed +10% 
  • Hospital Capacity +10% 
  • Technology Research +10% 
  • Dragon Upgrade Speed +10% 
  • Farming Production Speed +5% 
  • Quarry Production Speed +5%

How to Conquer the Story Mode in Well of Time

If a certain stage in the game keeps you frustrated, there might be something wrong with your process. So, we have a few suggestions that you should keep in mind before attempting to play the game over and over again.  

The first thing to focus on is an immortal team formation. Once you decide that, make sure to invest all the experience, time, and resources you’ve in it. Most players make the same mistake of spreading their resources in all teams, which affects efficiency.  

Therefore, you can start the game with one immortal team, say water team, and make sure to level it up. Besides, the water team is easy and allows pairing with the water dragon team. It helps you get an affinity bonus and progress powerfully in the game.  

Well of Time Infinity Kingdom: A Few Tips to Progress

We have compiled a list of tips that can help your progression in the story mode go smoothly. These are: 

  • Start with the immortal water team and upgrade to the water dragon. It will provide power.  
  • Use the gold in your game to upgrade runes, immortals, equipment, and fragments. 
  • Without hindrances, you can switch equipment to elemental types since they are interchangeable.  
  • It’s wise to use your experience scrolls on the strongest team. It helps you progress faster. 
  • Train the team of strongest immortals and upgrade the VIP level frequently.  
  • Maximize the strength of your immortals by specializing in Talent Build.  

Thus, use the above tips in the game to maximize and speed up your progression.  

Summing Up 

We hope the above information helps you progress your story a little faster. All you need to do is to ensure that you receive a bonus. Besides, use the right immortal team of time to make smooth progress.  

If you have any suggestions or questions regarding the Well of Time Infinity Kingdom, comment down below. We would be happy to help progress your story within the game.

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