Wind dragon Guide Infinity Kingdom

Wind Dragon Guide Infinity Kingdom

Hello, infinity kingdom players. Once again, I am to help you with our wind dragon in the infinity kingdom. Here we will get a better understanding of the wind dragon’s necessary information and power, the cost to upgrade him, and how you can get some benefits from him.


The wind dragon in the infinity kingdom is the fastest. His name is Zephyr. Zephyr is best at strengthening your immortal power, so when you are required to play the wind group, you should choose him. Zephyr, the wind dragon, has the ability to increase strengths with helpful offensive and also defensive stats to his immortal friends.

At the beginning of the game, you can use the bonus stats that he gives as a single wind unit. It would be best if you got more units for more bonuses. You need to have three units of identical elements.

This is when you get twenty percent extra physical and magical defense and an additional physical and magical attack when you get four units. When you get to five units, you get ten percent of hit points. When playing player versus player and player versus environment, these bonuses are of great help.


As the lightning and fire dragon, the wind dragon zephyr is a damage dealer. He has an enormous quantity of damage, and here it can reduce the efficiency of the enemy team. This effect lessens the chance to hit and will lessen the enemy’s energy while fighting. This also has less damage for the team, which is an advantage.

The Water dragon, Glyndwr and the wind dragon, Zephyr, are the only dragons in the game with healing skills. Compared to the water dragon, Zephyr’s healing skill is less strong. This is, anyways, Zephyrs appreciable skill. He can improve the process. And also, to enhance the proc chance, you can shoot up the immortal attack speed with the gears and also the other abilities.

Since Zephyr’s main skill is a physical attack, there will be extra damage if he fights beside the wind immortals. This can be better by using his third strong ability.

To get wind dragon gems, is to buy in the Arena shop with War in signals coins. Here you need to participate in the Arena to achieve coins that will be sufficient to purchase the gems. You will need approximately five hundred coins for ten gems.

The stages of the wind dragon

As we know, all dragons have to undergo five stages of growth. These are the egg stage, the infancy stage, the adolescence stage, the adulthood stage and the elder stage.

Egg stage of Zephyr

You have to finish chapter thirteen in the story mission to obtain the egg. You have to enter the Dragon cave to hatch it when you get it.

The infancy stage of Zephyr

Here the wind dragon hatches and enters the game as a tiny, adorable Dragon. Here you should include him in your group as he gives attributes and also element affinity.

Adolescence stage of Zephyr

Zephyr is two times faster than he was in this stage, although he grows only a little bigger. All you need to do is put some gold and twenty dragon gems and level him up to the fifth level. Now you can also start fighting in the battlefield to get insignias coins as you now have a good quantity of army and a few immortals.

Adulthood stage of Zephyr

In this stage he has the fastest speed and is very powerful and alert. Because of his second skill he can help his partners better.

Elder stage of Zephyr

Here he has now gained lots of experience with the fighting, therefore he has become more sensible although in this stage he doesn’t grow any more. The immortals get more powerful by unlocking Zephyr’s third skill. Now it is much easier at this stage to conquer any enemies that come by.


In conclusion, Zephyr is a powerful dragon in the infinity kingdoms with a strong set of skills and will bring a lot of value to your game.

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