Wind Immortals Guide Infinity Kingdom

Wind Immortals Guide

We know that each immortal has a unique ability that helps in the fights.  Here the wind troop has a strong set of magical and physical damage. It also has a support ability which makes it a complete troop. There are lots of wind immortals, and they are very strong. 

So, if you have been wanting to use a wind immortal and have been unsure of how to go about it, this guide is for you. In it, we will cover everything that you need to know about the wind immortals in the infinity kingdom. We will cover all the names of the wind immortals, how to obtain them in the infinity kingdom, and the best lineups for the wind immortals. So read carefully, as this guide will help you, especially if you want to get a full wind troop

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So, without further ado, let us get started!

Names of the wind immortals 

First, let us talk about the names of the wind immortals.

There are thirteen different kinds of wind immortals in the infinity kingdom. They all are very strong and have different skills, like Robin hood is the damage dealer, and Moctezuma has got good healing powers and so on. So you need to pick any immortal and go ahead and make lineups.

  1. Arminius
  2. Hannibal Barca
  3. Saladin
  4. King Arthur
  5. Qin Emperor
  6. Baldwin IV
  7. Mulan
  8. Robin Hood
  9. Moctezuma
  10. Medb
  11. Caenis
  12. Jean
  13. Arnold von Winkelried

Wind Immortals Team line ups

It is important to have a reliable lineup of immortals in the game. Here are some suggestions of possible lineups that will prove to be beneficial if you decide to use them in the game. It is important to note that these are just suggestions, and the best lineup for you could depend on you and your game experience.

There are a few options at the start of the game for you to pick from. If you are a free-to-play player, you can pick Srmninius, Mulan, Robin Hood and Moctezuma. They are very strong immortals. So this could be a good lineup in the beginning of the game. Robin Hood is a back row damage dealer. Smninius, Mulan, Robin Hood and Moctezuma are a good team to start with. King Arthur can also be used as he too has a very good skill as he reduces damage. Although he is kind of basic, he still does a good job. 

Moving to the mid game, Baldwin IV can be used in the mid-game as he is a super-strong immortal .Saladin also is a good choice in the mid game. They could be costly but they are worth it. So this way, you can continue using different immortals and gear up your game.

How to obtain the wind immortals

Now, if you have been confused about how you can obtain the wind immortals, this part of the article should help.

So now players you need to make choices between your immortals to be played. They can be redeemed from Mysterious Pearl Shop, Fragment from Market and shop. Also if you are a pay to win player, you can buy from the Grand promotion pack. Get a seven-day bonus event or Advanced Summon as you play on you. 


In conclusion, this guide contains all the information that you would need to know about the wind immortals. We covered their names, the best lineups to use and how to obtain them. The wind immortals are very powerful and will bring a lot of value to your game. 

If you decide to settle for a wind immortal troop, you should keep in mind the tips and tricks we have mentioned in order for you to get the most value from having a wind immortal troop in your game. For Free stuff use Infinity Kingdom gift codes.

Happy gaming!

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