Ability Points Guide LOTR Rise To War

Ability Points Guide LOTR Rise To War

In LOTR Rise To War, ability points are one of the most important types of resources that you must understand how to use, when to use them, and how to get the most return on investment.

You will use your ability points for gathering, Quick March, Long March, and for mock battles to increase your commander experience.

Where to use Ability points

Gathering and mock battles are the two best ways to spend your ability points.

Spending ability points on gathering is a great thing to do if you are a new player or need extra resources. The benefit of spending ability points on gathering is that you can select the type of resources you want to gather.

You should always gather on the highest tile you have available. It will give you the most value in terms of ability points. You can open your land overview to see which tile gives you the most power, and you’ll see what resources you can gather on that tile right away.

Spending skill points on mock battles. This is useful if you want to quickly level up your commanders. The higher your commander’s level, the more points you can invest in their build, allowing you to occupy higher level tiles.

When you send your commander to a mock battle, it will cost 1 ability point for 10 minutes. That is why it is critical that you send them to do mock battles on high-level tiles so that you can gain a lot more experience. Overall, mock battles are a great way to quickly level up your commanders in LOTR Rise To War.

How to obtain more ability points

There are currently no items in LOTR Rise To War that will recover your ability points, but they will recover slowly, and you can boost recovery of ability points with a ring talent tree.

Keep in mind that once your ability points reach the maximum of 20, they will no longer regenerate until you spend them. That is why it is critical to constantly spend your ability points.

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