LOTR Rise To War Barrow Wight

LOTR Rise To War Barrow Wight

Barrow wights are a unique type of unit in Lotr Rise To War that you can hire. You must occupy a barrow wight lair in order to hire a barrow wight. Barrow wights are intriguing units that deal low damage but have an insane self heal each round. Problem is that they are doing relatively low damage and if they are wounded they will die, they will not go to the hospital.

The issue with barrow wights is that they are expensive to hire and have no chance of going to the apothecary. We all know how hard it is to obtain gold in LOTR Rise To War.

Another issue is occupying the barrow wight lair. Because it is relatively easy to occupy, many players will attempt to do so in order to gain extra troops to train and bonus ring power production.

How to counter barrow wight

You’ll need commanders who can reduce the amount of healing done by barrow wights, but most importantly, commanders and troops who can deal a lot of damage. The more damage you deal, the less healing barrow wight will do.

Barrow wights are excellent units to use against troops that deal a small amount of damage because they can heal themselves significantly each round. Most units with a high defense and health have a low damage output.

How to attack barrow wight lair

First, find your highest level commander and troops capable of dealing a large amount of damage in a short period of time so that the barrow wight does not have time to heal. Because the barrow wight’s lair is usually far from your city and you will have to attack it several times, it is recommended that you build a fort next to the barrow wight’s lair.

When you attack a barrow wight lair for the first time, you will set a timer of 1 hour. You will have 1 hour to destroy the barrow wight and the durability of the barrow wight lair. If you do not occupy the barrow wight within 1 hour, the troops inside will be reset and you will have to start over.

So, in essence, you will waste your time, commander energy, and troops. Before you attack, you must carefully plan your attack.

The location of the barrow wight lair

The location of the barrow wight lair

There are a few barrow wight lairs on the map, but pinpointing the best location is difficult. The best way to find barrow wight is to use an in-game search option, which will show you the one closest to your city. To use this feature, select the search option next to the map.

Following that, you will see a camp icon, which will allow you to search all special units, including Barrow Wight. It will show you the one closest to your city so you don’t waste time searching and walking.

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