LOTR Rise To War Crossing

LOTR Rise To War Crossing

LOTR Rise To War is a new mobile game with a lot of information that you should be aware of. Crossing rivers is one of those things.

Crossing is a location in LOTR Rise To War where you can move your troops from one side of a river to the other. When it is occupied, your entire faction will be able to cross and gain ring power production, which is fantastic.

The main thing that crossings are doing is reducing your march speed. If you do not have to cross, your troops will have to go all the way around the river to get to the desired location, which can take a long time, so crossings will drastically reduce that time.

You must defeat an NPC that is sectioned in crossing to occupy a crossing on each side. They are relatively easy to defeat, so don’t be afraid to send troops. Your losses will be minimal.

There are many troops in LOTR Rise To War, but the best troops for occupying crossings are ram riders and beornings or any troop with high siege damage.

The only difficult aspect of attacking crossings is that you must hit it several times to reduce the durability to 0, and you have to do it in 1 hour.

If you do not occupy the crossing within one hour, it will be restarted and you will have to repeat the process. So ask your fellowship members to help you.

It is best to build a fort next to Crossing to reduce marching time and make you reach Crossing faster.

One more thing that you have to know is that your faction will not get ring power from crossing until you finish a faction arises in season quests.

To find crossings easier you can play on a bigger screen by downloading LOTR Rise To War on your pc.

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