LOTR Rise To War Eagles Units, Camp and Location Guide

LOTR Rise To War Eagles Units, Camp and Location Guide

Eagles are special units in LOTR Rise To War that you can capture and hire. The first thing you must do is locate and capture an eagle nest. You will be able to hire eagles once you have defeated an eagle nest.

You should capture eagle nests as soon as possible because there are a limited number of them and they will all be taken in a short time if you are on an active server. The issue with eagles is that they require a large amount of gold and other resources to train, and you will struggle if you are a new player.

How to counter Eagles

Most people are now struggling with eagle camps because they don’t know which troops to send or which commander to send.

You should read eagle’s abilities and use commanders and troops who can counter it. The same is true for other specialized units. You will have no trouble occupying them if you use troops that counter eagles.

When you read the eagles’ skills, you’ll notice that they take bonus damage against ranged units, so all you have to do is use range troops and commanders to increase the damage of rage troops. Eowyn and Eomer can be used with mounter archers, while Dwalen can be used with ax throwers.

They all work well together and will deal massive damage to flying units like Eagles. There are tier 2 and tier 3 commanders and troops that do even more damage, but you won’t have them at the start, so stick with the commander we recommended.

You will be able to destroy troops relatively easily inside Eagle Nest, but after you defeat troops inside there will be some defense power left to destroy, so you can send troops back to your city to refresh them before returning to action.

You have one hour to occupy the eagle nest before it resets and reclaims all troops. So try to finish it in 1 hour.

Locations of Eagles

Locations of Eagles

On the map, there are only a few eagle camps to be found. However, because there are a limited number of eagles camps, it is difficult to locate all of their locations. Using a search function is one of the best ways to find eagle’s locations in Lotr Rise To War.
All you have to do is leave your city and click the search icon next to the map.

You will then see a camp icon, which you will click, and you should now be able to search for eagles near you. This is ideal if you want to capture them quickly without having to walk too far away from the eagles’ camps.

You can Use LOTR Rise To War on PC to find eagles easier and faster.

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