Lotr Rises To War Fellbeast

Lotr Rises To War Fellbeast

Fellbeasts are flying units that you can capture and hire in Lotr Rise To War. They are very powerful units that are well worth hiring. The first thing you must do is find and destroy Mountainous Lair.

Because Fellbeasts are popular troops, many players will try to obtain them same as Eagles. However, there are only a limited number of them on the server, so you should capture Mountainous Lair as soon as possible to obtain Fellbeast.

One of the issues with Fellbeast is that they cost a lot of gold to hire, but you can capture them and train them later. There are a few ways to increase your gold production, but first you must develop your city.

How to counter Fellbeast

It is relatively simple to destroy Fellbeast, but people are failing and struggling simply because they send the wrong type of troops and commanders.

Reading the skills of Fellbeast or any other unit in LOTR Rise To Wat is one of the best ways to learn how to counter them. When you examine Fellbeast’s skills, you will notice that they take bonus damage from range units and deal bonus damage to melee units.

This indicates that you should employ archer units. When it comes to commanders, it is recommended to use commanders that increase damage to archers. However, you will most likely not have many commanders at the start of the game, so it is best to use the strongest commanders you have. It is also important to only use archers and avoid using melee troops.

You will have no trouble destroying Fellbeast, but keep in mind that you will only have a limited amount of time to attack Mountainous Lair. When your first troop attacks, you will set a timer of 1 hour. If you do not capture Mountainous Lair within 1 hour, the troops inside will be refreshed to 100%. So try to attack Mountainous Lair near your city or build a fort nearby to replenish your troops faster.

Fellbeast Mountainous Lair’s Location

Fellbeast Mountainous Lair's Location

There are a limited number of Fellbeast Mountainous Lairs, and it is difficult to know where they are all. However, there is a search function in the game that allows you to find them. It will display the one closest to your location.

To use this feature, simply exit your city and click the search button next to the map. Following that, you should see the camp icon and the Mountainous Lair option. It is the quickest way to find them and find the one closest to your city.

Download LOTR Rise To War on PC to find Fellbeast faster. Not only will you find all the special units faster, but you will also have a much better gaming experience.

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