LOTR Rise To War Fellowship

LOTR Rise To War Fellowship

One of the aspects that contribute to the success of LOTR Rise To War is the formation of a fellowship in which you and your members will team up to defeat other factions. You will also benefit from many additional benefits that come with fellowship. There are a lot of things in the fellowship that can make you confused about how it works, and we will explain everything in the thing guide.

Fellowship has many components, and we will explain everything and how it works.

How to leave the fellowship

You may join the wrong fellowship or realise that the fellowship you are in is no longer active, in which case you must know how to leave. It is easy to do. So here are steps for leaving fellowship:

  • Enter fellowship
  • Click on the member list
  • Search for your name
  • Select the three dots next to your name.
  • Click on leave

Now you have successfully left your fellowship. There is a minor penalty for leaving. You must wait 30 minutes before joining another or creating your own.

Form or join a fellowship.

When you click on fellowship, you will be given two options: create or join the fellowship. If you want to start a fellowship, I can tell you from personal experience that it takes time and is stressful to plan and organize members.

It is always easier to join an existing fellowship.

War declaration

War declaration is the place where your fellowship declares war on other factions.

Only Fellowship leaders have the authority to declare war. Declaring war requires 6 hours of planning. War declarations are valid for 24 hours. You must wait 48 hours after the war has ended before declaring war again. All players can see the preparation time and duration. New Fellowship members will not be eligible for these special attack status benefits until they have been a member of the Fellowship for 24 hours.

Declaring War gives your Fellowship members enhanced capabilities when attacking regions controlled by other Factions.

Aggressors ignore land tiles’ Faction Protection bonuses, dealing normal Siege damage.

Occupied tiles will be marked as “conflict” for a limited time and will not receive Faction Protection bonuses.

The Fellowship’s leader can use the “Support Tile” order to facilitate collaboration with other Fellowships.

Fellowship experience

If you want to have a strong fellowship, the fellowship experience is crucial. The higher fellowship level, the more forts you can build and the higher your land bonus cap. To level up your fellowship and gain experience, you must defeat armies and mobs. So you must have full fellowship with active players if you want to increase fellowship level fast. Only activity of your members can increase it. There is no other option.

Fellowship forts

Fellowship forts are an important part of LOTR Rise To War strategy. When putting up forts, you must consider everything. You’ll be able to station your troops inside, which is ideal for quick attacks and team play. There are total 5 forts that your fellowship can build in LOTR Rise To War:

  • Fort 1- LVL 10
  • Fort 2- LVL 20
  • Fort 3- LVL 30
  • Fort 4- LVL 40
  • Fort 5- LVL 50

All Fellowship members can dispatch 1 army to a Fortress in order to expand their territory. Leaders and Confidants can build them on 2*2 areas of land they own. They cannot be built on lands controlled by other Factions. When the region a Fortress is located in is occupied by another Faction, all armies dispatched to it will be unable to move.

If a member of the Fellowship leaves for any reason, their army dispatched to the Fortress will be unable to move.

Land Bonus

A land bonus is an excellent way to obtain additional resources. Every time one of your members occupies a tile with a power of 200 or higher, your entire fellowship receives a boost in resource production. That is why it is critical to maintain an active fellowship with strong players. You will receive a large number of free resources.

There are limits to how much land bonuses you can get, and to increase that limit, your fellowship’s level must be raised.

Contribution points and the Fellowship Store

The Fellowship Store is where you can spend your contribution points to purchase items. There are only a few boosts available, but our recommendation is the Relocation item, which costs 500 contribution points. You will always need it.

To earn Contribution points, you must occupy land and help your fellowship members. There is currently no other way to gain more contribution points. Overall, your activity will earn you a lot of contribution points.

Another tip we have is that you can play LOTR Rise To War on PC or Mac. It’s completely free.

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