LOTR Rise To War Mock Battles

LOTR Rise To War Mock Battles

Mock battles are the best way to gain commander experience in Lotr Rise To War without losing troops. It will cost you some resources, but it will be well worth it.

You will be doing mock battles on a daily basis until you reach the maximum level of your commander, so it is critical that you understand how to do them efficiently and when to do them.

Mock battles are straightforward. When you click on a tile, you will see the option for Mock battle. It will cost you commander stamina, food, and ability points, but the experience you will gain will be well worth it.

Also, it would be much easier for you to do mock battles if you play LOTR Rise To War On PC.

Three things to increase the amount of experience you get from mock battles

  • Experience boost item- The experience boost item is a simple way to increase the amount of experience you gain from mock battles. You can get that boost from a variety of sources. To use it, simply go to your bag and, if you have it, activate it.
  • Ring talent- There is a Ring tree build that you can use to get most from the mock battles, increase experience, and reduce the cost to do mock battles. You can change the ring tree every 24 hours, so if you make a mistake in the build, you can easily correct it.
  • Level of tile- The tile level is extremely important. The higher your tile level, the more experience you will gain. Doing mock battles on high level tiles will cost you a few more resources, but the value you will receive is greater than attacking lower-level tiles.

Mock battles should be avoided if you are a new player. Just focus on your tiles, construction, research, and econ0my. Because your base will be strong after 10 days, you can begin doing mock battles. However, when you begin doing mock battles in LOTR Rise To War, make sure to change your ring build.

Keep in mind that the maximum level of commander you can have is 50, so you don’t have to rush and focus on a few commanders in order to control a higher level of tiles so check our LOTR Rise To War tier list to see on which commander you should focus first.

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