LOTR Rise To Wart Oathbreakers

LOTR Rise To Wart Oathbreakers

Oathbreakers are fantastic and powerful special units in Lotr Rise To War. If you want to unlock Oathbreakers and hire them, you’ll need to occupy a cave of the dead.

Oathbreakers are extremely powerful units with unusual mechanics, and many people will try to obtain them, so you must take immediate action if you want to obtain them.

You will not need many normal resources to train Oathbreakers, but you will need a lot of gold.

Is it worth using Oathbreakers?

Oathbreakers are fantastic units that are well worth using. They have exceptional abilities that will outperform the majority of commanders and units. The only minor disadvantage of Oathbreakers is that when they are wounded, they will not go to the apothecary and will vanish, forcing you to train new ones.

How to counter Oathbreakers

Oathbreakers have a unique skill set and they are really annoying to deal with. Most people have no idea how to deal with them, and they can learn everything by observing Oathbreaker’s abilities. The first skill is ethereal, which allows Oathbreakers to avoid all physical damage and cannot be healed. The second skill is called at peace, and it grants Oathbreakers the ability to do focus damage while also doing a small amount of damage to themselves. This is also a fantastic skill, but it means that they are destroying themselves with each attack.

Units that have a lot of defensive stats or that do poison or fire damage are the best units to counter Oathbreakers. However, it is best to use commanders such as Gandalf who will do focus damage, and commanders who will avoid taking damage for a period of time. Just don’t use commanders who deal only damage because Oathbreakers have skills that allow them to avoid all of it.

How to attack Oathbreakers cave of the dead

In a previous section, we explained how to counter Oathbreakers by using commanders and troops with high defensive stats who deal focus, fire, or poison damage.

The best way to attack the cave of death, where the Oathbreakers are, is to construct a fort next to it. You’ll have to attack it several times and most likely wait until the Oathbreakers deal damage to themselves. That will necessitate a few attacks, and you don’t want to waste time waiting for your commanders to return to the city in order to send them back.

Because you only have a one-hour timer, time is your biggest enemy here. When you first attack Oathbreakers, timers of 1H will begin, and you must occupy it within that time period or else Oathbreakers in the cave of the dead will be refreshed and you will have to start over.

Oathbreakers’ Location

Oathbreakers' Location

The map contains a small number of Oathbreaker locations that are dispersed. Because there will be many players attempting to obtain them, the best way is to locate the nearest Oathbreakers. You can use an in-game search to find the nearest Oathbreakers.

In-game search, it is best to find the closest Oathbreakers to you so you do not waste too much time. The search option is located in the top left corner of your screen, next to the map. When you press it, you’ll see a camp icon that allows you to search for special units such as Oathbreakers. Use LOTR Rise To War on PC to find them even faster.

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