Lotr Rise To War Red Book of Westmarch Guide

Lotr Rise To War Red Book of Westmarch Guide

Red Book of Westmarch is one of the fantastic game modes in lotr rise to war that can be completed to earn insanely high rewards. It is located inside a Tarver. When you unlock the Red Book of Westmarch, you will receive one chapter per day for a total of 18 chapters.

  • Chapter 1: War of the Last Alliance
  • Chapter 2: Wizard’s Betrayal
  • Chapter 3: Old Forest
  • Chapter 4: In the Barrows
  • Chapter 5: The Attack on Weathertop
  • Chapter 6: Escape from the Nazgûl
  • Chapter 7: Moria
  • Chapter 8: Breaking of the Fellowship
  • Chapter 9: Fangorn Skirmish
  • Chapter 10: Wargs’ Ambush
  • Chapter 11: Helm’s Deep
  • Chapter 12: Fall of Isengard
  • Chapter 13: Ambush on the Easterlings
  • Chapter 14: Battle of Osgiliath
  • Chapter 15: Rescuing Frodo
  • Chapter 16: The Corsairs of Umbar
  • Chapter 17: The Siege of Minas Tirith
  • Chapter 18: Battle of the Black Gate

What’s great about Red Book of Westmarch in Lotr Rise to War is that you won’t have to use your units, you can try as much as you want, and starting a chapter doesn’t cost any resources. One of the most important aspects is that you will receive items that will increase your respect for your commanders. Overall, a fantastic game mode that every single player should complete. It will significantly increase your progress and power.

It is difficult for us to explain how to attack and which commander to use at this point, so we recommend watching lotr rise to war Youtuber Insanepeon. His videos are excellent, and he covers every chapter. All you have to do is copy what he’s doing in the video guide and you’ll be done in no time. Also it would be much easier if you download Lotr Rise To War on PC.

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