Season 2 Guide LOTR Rise To War- How to Get Ready for Season 2

Season 2 Guide LOTR Rise To War

Season 2 of LOTR Rise To War will include a lot of new content. You can find them all on official social media, but the most important ones are listed below. New content is fantastic, but you must understand how to prepare your account for the new season.

Season 2 will include the following additions:


  • Adunae Tier 2
  • Beruthiel Tier 3
  • Elladan Tier 2
  • Imrahil Tier 2
  • Thorin Tier 3
  • Zegrid Tier 2

New Neutral Units:

  • Riser, Bree
  • Dunlending Warrior
  • Hobbit Archers
  • Great Beast

New Structures:

  • Gundabad
  • Madh Ortogh’s

There will also be a lot of new equipment and structure buffs.

How to Get Ready for Season 2

Season 2 will bring many new features, and you should prepare your account for them. There aren’t many things to do at the end of the season, but that’s no reason to abandon a game and wait for season 2. There are a few things you can do to improve your account and get a head start in season 2.

Season pass- I’m sure you’ve heard of this. There are two sections: one that is free to play and one that must be purchased. They will give you gems, Mathom coins, gear, and respect. The value that you will get is insane. You must finish it before proceeding to Season 2 because it will be restarted. It is not difficult to complete it and reach level 50.

Tavern– Visit your tavern and complete every tip and mission available. It’s a great way to get some nice gear and respect that you’ll be able to use in season 2. The influence will also be transferred, so work on it.

Find a team- what will happen in season 2 is that your server will be connected to a few other servers. You want to find a group of active and powerful players. Together you can choose the same faction and join a fellowship to become powerful.

Many players are doing this, which is why you will see insanely strong factions that will dominate due to organization and teamwork. So go find a good group of players.

Mathom Chest- You want to open a free mathom box every day. This is significant because you will gain gear and commander respect, which will carry over to season 2. It is advised to open a discounted one for gems if possible.

Weekly events- This is also a great place to accumulate a lot of mathom coins and gems that you can transfer to season 2. So you have to complete every single event and collect as many gems and coins as you can.

Test your commanders and armies- you will lose your resource production and tile, so testing your armies is one of the best things you can do. Fight and test so you know what you’re going to use next season.


At the end of Season 1, you will have done everything possible to earn gems, gear, commander respect, and mathon coins. They will be carried over to the new season. The most important thing is to find a good team to play within the new season so you can easily dominate and you can it would be much easier if you play Lotr Rise To War on PC.

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