LOTR Rise Of War Hobbit Slingers

LOTR Rise Of War Hobbit Slingers

As expected, a special unit called Hobbit Slinger can be captured and hired in the Lotr Rise To War mobile game. They are a fairly weak type of special unit that you can easily obtain. To obtain Hobbit Slinger, you must first capture Hobbit Camp, which is a simple task.
Hobbits are popular in LOTR Rise To War, and as a result, it will be difficult to find an unoccupied Hobbit Camp.

Another factor that will reduce your chances of obtaining Hobbit Camp is that they are easy to defeat and occupy, and many new players will try to get them, so you must capture them as soon as possible.

The issue with Hobbit Slingers is that they require a lot of resources to train, particularly gold, which you will need a lot of at the start to upgrade your troops and advance your city. Furthermore, they are relatively weak troops, and even if you are a new player, they are not worth using and wasting your resources on.

Is it worthwhile to use Hobbit Slingers?

They are not deserving of your time and money to train. They aren’t particularly good units. They are intended for new players, but it appears that the developers did not consider the amount of gold that new players will have.

Basically, as a new player, you will have low gold production, and even if you do have gold, you will spend it constantly upgrading your troops. In addition, the hobbit camp produces relatively little ring power. Capturing hobbit slingers is only worthwhile if you are a fan of them.

How to Deal with Hobbit Slingers

You will have no trouble occupying Hobbit Camp, whether you are a strong player or a new player. Inside the hobbit camp, you will find two sets of LVL 15 troops, both of which are extremely weak.

Because we know hobbit slingers are archers, you will use commanders and troops that are strong against archers and will counter them. However, even if you use the wrong troops and commander, you will not suffer significant damage.

The only thing to keep in mind when attacking Hobbit Camp is that you will actually spend stamina and must reduce camp durability.

If you’re a new player, it’s a good idea to look for Hobbits near your camp so you don’t waste time walking, and when you attack the camp, you’ll have 1 hour to occupy. If you do not occupy the hobbits’ slinger camp in 1H, they will revert to full health.

Hobbit slinger location

Hobbit slinger location

It can be difficult to locate a hobbit slinger on a map simply by zooming out and looking. There are only a few hobbit camps marked on the map.

There is a feature in LOTR Rise To War that allows you to search for them more quickly but you can search them even faster with PC version of LOTR Rise To War. To use that function, leave your city, press the search button next to the map, and then you will see a camp icon that will allow you to search for special units such as hobbits and Eagles.

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