LOTR Rise to War Guide Tips And Tricks

LOTR Rise to War Tips And Tricks

Watching the Lord of the Rings movie doesn’t necessarily mean you are familiar with the game. Rather, it means you aren’t because the game is different, besides the map and naming system which is somewhat familiar. LOTR: Rise to War is a complex game that requires attention and knowledge for beginners to pave a better way for higher levels.

So, for the beginners who are just getting started with the game, we have right here Five things that should be kept in mind. Without any delay, let’s get started with LOTR: Rise to War Five things for beginners.

Fellowship Involvement

Most of the time you might focus on yourself and your place, without figuring out what is going on the map, without places. Yes, that is a major role player of the game, termed as Fellowship or Faction. 

There is a separate Faction chat that allows you to know what they are even doing and get involved with them, help them out. You will learn more about the game in this way, get better tiles and make better counters. You will need to travel some distances to get a better fellowship, but the rewards are far greater as well.

Focusing on fewer Commanders

Initially, the beginners focus on more commanders because, in their thoughts, more commanders mean a better team. In reality, it isn’t the case except when you are sieging. Besides this, when you are going for 200 plus power tiles, it will be more difficult. 

So, it is best to simply improve your initial commanders and try to max them out first, instead of going for 10 to 15 commanders and maxing them out all at a time. It is the same for the gears of commanders. 

If you are focusing on fewer commanders, their gear is limited and they will probably max out in less time, making way for you to fight powerful tiles without any difficulty.

First Focus on the Faction Unit

There are quite a lot of units in the game that might puzzle you. In most cases, you might be putting your focus on the units that are not much important in the game, or might not come in handy for most parts of the game, especially the beginning.

So, the trick here is to put your focus on the Units that are coming in handy for the most part. These faction units will give you more benefits instead of the ones that will come in handy at the end part of the game.

 If you are spreading the points evenly to the other units as well, it will take you quite a lot of time, missing major parts of the game that develop your characters. Focusing on a single unit will help you fight powerful enemies, while also being best for defense.

Moving further, there are also the building benefits that enhance the troops in the game, you should also focus on the faction, get better troops, upgrade them timely, and same as always, focus on one at a time.

Some factions grant you better gold, so focusing on them will allow you to get better gold instead of simply putting all your stuff in other places. Initially, your gold will allow you to upgrade, get a better arsenal for higher-level tiles.

For better gameplay, you can play LOTR Rise To War on PC.

Tribute Building

Not building tributes is one of the biggest mistakes of beginners. Resources are one of the major mechanisms of the game that allow you to progress faster. Tribute building lets you increase the resources in the game, increasing resource production. 

In the Build Settlement menu, you can go for the tribute and build from the beginning of the game. It takes a while to build a tribute, but the output you get from those buildings is quite favorable for beginners. 

The longer you are in the game, the more structure bonus is helpful, which you will get through the same tribute building mechanism of the game. So, it’s better to simply try to max out the tribute building or even get them close to maxing out.

There is even a ring point that enhances the tribute building, which is named Levy, in the Resources. There is a ring buff shown on the resource production.

Expansion from the Base

Finally, the last tip for beginners is to focus on expanding as soon as possible. Not in terms of their units, rather the map. In the initials of the game, most people try to sit around the base, going a bit far to fetch some things, rather than expanding their base.

When you proceed to a higher level of the game and faction, you will require to go further in the map. If your base isn’t much-expanded, you will have difficulties moving from one place to another place, which is far away.

All in one, the more you are sticking to your place, the more you will have problems later on. So, it’s important to expand the fortresses and forts to get better play afterward in the game. Move out, involve with factions, take a look at different far away tiles, and try to grasp them ASAP or simply relocate your settlement.

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