Minecraft Allay Guide: Drops, Behavior and Attacks

Minecraft Allay Guide

The world of Minecraft has so many unique mobs. Some are hostile, and some are friendly, but all are equally important in the game. They all have unique details which will result in many specific interactions. The Allays are one such mob. Each of these could prove to be a helpful ally to the player so let’s overview Minecraft Allay.


An Allay in Minecraft is a passive flying mob of blue color. However, it is among the most friendly mobs in the world, which is further expressed by their jolly demeanor. These mobs can come in handy in some dangerous places as they can offer players blocks in exchange for goods.

Allays are most frequently found around pillager outposts and woodland mansions. Pillager outpost ones will usually be found within dark oak cages, spawning in groups of one to three.

Another place where we may meet Allays is a woodland mansion. This location is equally unkind to Allays, spawning them in jail cells within the mansion itself, from which the player can free them. They spawn in groups of one to three here as well.

Allay Behavior

These mobs will fly about aimlessly. However, the Allay won’t stop floating about until a player gives them an item. Once the Allay is given an item, it will start following the player. While following the player, Allay seeks out blocks throughout the nearby area that correspond to the item they were given. If a player takes an item from an Allay, it will go back to floating about.

An Allay can stack up to 64 stacks of a single item and has only one inventory slot. This means once their inventory is filled up, they can’t pick up more. Delivering items to a player makes them pause for a bit before returning to finding items.

Note blocks attract Allays, making them return items to the said block instead the player. This effect lasts for about 30 seconds. After the time is up, the Allay returns to the player.

Important to note that an Allay cannot be damaged by its owner, making them immune to damage from a player that has given it an item. However, these mobs can still take damage from other sources of damage. Thankfully, even if hurt, Allays can regenerate. These mobs will regain 2 health every second when damaged.

The last unique behavior of an Allay is their ability to duplicate. The player can achieve this by giving Allay an amethyst shard. By doing so, the mob will do a little animation accompanied by a special sound and duplicate it into another Allay. After that, neither Allay can duplicate for 5 minutes.

Allay Attacks

Allays have no attacks. They will merely panic and run around if damaged. Allays can often put enough distance between themselves and enemies, allowing their health to regenerate.

Allay Drops

No drops, Allay is a passive helpful mob in Minecraft, so there’s already no incentive to harm it. The lack of drops makes killing Allays more harmful than helpful.

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