Minecraft Armor Trims Guide: Locations

Minecraft Armor Trims Guide Locations

If you’ve been longing to spruce up your armor in Minecraft, you’re in the right place. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover the fascinating world of Minecraft Armor Trims, providing essential information on how you can find Armor Trims and make your gameplay more exciting and colorful.

Delving into the realm of Minecraft Armor Trims is akin to discovering a whole new aspect of the game. Boasting an impressive 16 varieties, these trims can be applied to any type of armor, be it chainmail, iron, gold, diamond, or the ever-resilient Netherite. With so many options at your disposal, customization possibilities are endless!

Understanding Armor Trims

Armor Trims are not just about aesthetics. While they don’t alter the enchantments or the prior work penalty on your armor, they imbue your armor with an individuality that sets you apart in the world of Minecraft. Every Armor Trim’s color is determined by the ingot or crystal used, offering a unique flavor to your gear. However, duplicating these trims can be resource-intensive, so it’s advisable to apply them thoughtfully.

Armor Trims Colors

Ranging from the regal purple of Amethyst Shards to the gleaming gold of Gold Ingots, the Minecraft Armor Trims offer ten unique colors. Each hue corresponds to a specific resource, including:

  • iron (gray)
  • copper (copper)
  • diamond (turquoise)
  • Netherite (black)
  • redstone (red)
  • quartz (white)
  • emerald (green).

As you might guess, the more valuable the resource, the more expensive it is to create that particular trim color. For example, a Netherite Ingot-based trim will cost significantly more than its Copper Ingot counterpart.

The Process of Applying Armor Trims

Armor Trims application is a process that revolves around the Smithing Table. This humble table has seen a revamp in its display to accommodate the Armor Trim smithing process. To apply an Armor Trim, simply place the smithing template in the first slot, followed by the armor piece to be trimmed, and finally, the chosen ingot or crystal. Upon completion, the template gets consumed, but don’t fret if the trim doesn’t meet your expectations. Simply apply a new one to replace it!

How to Obtain Smithing Templates Location

How to Obtain Smithing Templates Location

Finding the right Armor Trim can add a touch of style to your Minecraft armor. But before you can apply these trims, you first need to get your hands on the elusive smithing templates. It’s like embarking on a thrilling treasure hunt in the Minecraft world, and here’s how you can join in.

Embarking on your adventure to find Armor Trims, you’ll encounter various ways to acquire smithing templates. Chest looting, engaging in battles with the formidable Elder Guardians, or the more serene activity of excavating suspicious gravel in the Trail ruins – each method brings with it a sense of excitement and anticipation.

Coast armor trim: Speaking of locations, each armor trim smithing template has its unique ‘home’. For instance, Shipwrecks may hold the Coast armor trim smithing template with a 16.7% chance of discovery.

Dune armor: Venturing into the arid heat of desert temples, you might find the Dune armor trim smithing template, available with a 14.3% probability.

Eye armor: Strongholds, the formidable structures of the Minecraft world, hold the Eye armor trim smithing template. Your chances of finding it vary, with a 10% chance in altar chests and a 100% certainty in library chests. Now, that’s what we call a jackpot!

Rib armor trim: Feeling adventurous? Then why not visit the Nether fortresses? Amidst the dangerous mobs, there’s a 6.7% chance you might stumble upon the Rib armor trim smithing template.

Sentry armor: Pillager outposts offer the Sentry armor trim smithing template, with a 25% probability.

Silence and Ward: Take a trip to the ancient city, where amidst its forgotten treasures, you might find the Silence and Ward armor trim smithing templates. Although their chances are quite slim (1.2% and 5% respectively), the thrill of discovery is worth it!

Snout Armor Trim and Spire Armor Trim: Bastion Remnants and End Cities also hold potential treasure. In these structures, you have a chance to find the Snout and Spire armor trim smithing templates, respectively. The odds are not particularly high, but remember, every successful treasure hunt starts with a single step.

Wild armor trim: The Wild armor trim smithing template, on the other hand, lies hidden in Jungle Temple with a 33% chance.

Vex armor: While the eerie Woodland Mansions hold a 50% chance to find the Vex armor trim smithing template.

Tide armor : Dive into Ocean Monuments, where Elder Guardians may drop the Tide armor trim smithing template, with a 20% drop rate. Finally, the mysterious Trail ruined structures are the homes of the Wayfinder, Shaper, Host, and Razor armor trim smithing templates.

So, buckle up for an exciting journey across the Minecraft world as you hunt for these unique Armor Trims. With so many places to explore and so many trims to discover, your adventure is bound to be filled with thrilling exploits and unforgettable discoveries.

Not all versions of Minecraft are created equal. In the Bedrock Edition, for example, excavating suspicious gravel gives you a 1.8% chance of scoring an armor trim smithing template. The thrill of discovery just got a notch higher!

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