Minecraft Bamboo Guide

Minecraft Bamboo Guide 1

Bamboo is a beneficial plant in Minecraft. It is mainly found in jungle biomes in single sticks. But in bamboo forests, which are very rare, you will find massive amounts of bamboo. However, you can also grow it anywhere. They grow very fast and very tall. We write this guide to help you understand everything about bamboo and answer all your queries related to this plant.

Bamboo was first introduced in the 1.14 Minecraft version. Since then, players have been growing, cutting, and using this plant for various purposes. Let’s dig deep to learn more about bamboo.

Where Can You Find Bamboo in Minecraft?

We have already discussed that the easiest way of finding bamboo is in the Jungle biome. In the jungle biome, they are naturally sprouting but are far from each other. However, if you could find a bamboo jungle, you would discover clusters of bamboo plants. 

You can also check the chests in the jungle temple. Most of the time, you will find some bamboo forming in those chests. Or try looking at shipwrecks in the jungle. You might find some bamboo in their treasure chest if you are lucky.

Another way, though not very effective, is finding bamboo by fishing in jungle biomes. You may get one as a junk item. You can also find bamboo by killing a panda. In the Java edition, you will get one bamboo, and two in the Bedrock edition by killing a panda.

 Crafting bamboo is essential if you intend to grow your bamboo farm. You can use any method mentioned above to craft bamboo.

What is Bamboo Used for In Minecraft

What is Bamboo Used for In Minecraft

After knowing all this, you must consider why you need bamboo and where to use it. Well, there are many uses for bamboo, but we are sharing here some basic ones.

Crafting stick

Many players use bamboo to make sticks, especially while running low on their wooden planks. Just put two bamboo on the crafting table, and you will get one stick.


Bamboo is an excellent fuel source. You can have an automatic furnace smelting system if you set everything correctly. In this setup, when a bamboo reaches a certain height, pistons will chop them, and you will keep getting fuel for your furnace. Each bamboo will smelt 0.25 items.

Crafting Scaffolding

Scaffolding is a handy item in Minecraft, and every player should have it. You can reach upwards with it. It is like a ladder but more effective. For crafting scaffolding, you need six bamboo and a string, and it will give you six pieces.

Breaking it is also pretty simple. If you break the bottom block, the whole thing will come falling. You can build skyscrapers, towers, and lighthouses with the help of this scaffolding.


Similar to real-life pandas love to eat bamboo. If you like the panda and want to increase their number, you can feed them bamboo. They will go into love mode and breed. However, for pandas to breed, there have to be 8 bamboo blocks within 5 blocks of pandas. It also helps the baby panda to grow faster.

Flowering Pot

If you are one of those players who like to have decorative plants to satisfy their aesthetic sense. You can plant bamboo in a pot that will keep its item form and will not grow.


Bamboo keep changing its form and appearance while growing. At first, it is just a tiny shoot. After producing one block, it will have leaves on the top. These leaves will go up every time the bamboo grows one block. Leaves will remain on the top three blocks of bamboo.

How Tall Does a Bamboo Grow in Minecraft?

How Tall Does a Bamboo Grow in Minecraft

Bamboo is the tallest plant in Minecraft and growing it is easy and quick. One bamboo plant can grow from 12-16 blocks. Usually, it takes one bamboo plant 204.8 seconds to grow each block, which is 4096 game ticks, with a default random tick speed of three.

 However, if you are in a hurry and want to grow your bamboo fast, there is a way. Use bone meal on the plant, with every use, it will grow 1-2 blocks. 

Does Bamboo Need Water in Minecraft?

Bamboos in Minecraft don’t have to grow near water bodies. They can grow without that much water. However, they sometimes need watering to grow taller. 

Remember that a baby bamboo or shoot can’t withstand water flow and will wash away. However, one block taller bamboo is strong enough to resist water.   

Does Bamboo Need Light to Grow in Minecraft?

Mimicking how bamboos need light to grow in real life is the same in the game. In Minecraft, they will need light level 9 or above to grow. In case you want to grow bamboo underground, you can use torches. 

 Light torches on top of every bamboo plant, and they will grow nicely to a good height. Meanwhile, if you light the ground, they will still grow but not very high.

How to Plant Bamboo in Minecraft?

Growing and planting bamboo is relatively easy as you don’t need any specific type of block or mud. You can grow it on grass blocks, gravel, sand, red sand, mycelium, dirt, coarse dirt, moss, or mud. 

The next step is finding a bamboo tree. Look closely near the water or in the jungle biome and when you find one, hit or cut it and collect the bamboo. Now replant it where you want but keep watering the shoot. After a few days, it will be 2, or 3 blocks tall.

Suppose you desire to make your bamboo farm. That is how you will start. Furthermore, you can also use a red stone to grow a bamboo farm.

You can’t grow bamboo in straight rows on your farm. You can also plant bamboo in a pot, just like you do with small flowering plants. 

Final Thought 

We tried to cover everything you need to know about bamboo in Minecraft. This guide will help you to use bamboo in the best possible way. Bamboo is abundant in Minecraft, but you can grow its farm without much effort.

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