Best Bamboo Seeds Minecraft Java and Bedrock

Best Bamboo Seed Minecraft Java and Bedrock

In Minecraft, bamboo jungles are rare and not easy to find. You can usually find them in jungle biomes. The bamboo jungle is usually a very rich area with vegetation and wildlife. Bamboo is the only biome where you can find pandas.

If you are considering visiting bamboo biomes and want to know about seeds, this guide is for you. They will spawn you in the bamboo jungle or near it. You can explore it further to get rare loot, items, and more.

Here we will share seed for java and Bedrock editions. You can use it accordingly. Let’s not talk anymore and see what the first seed is and where it will spawn you.

Bamboo Seeds Minecraft

SeedSeed NumberVersion
Seed 1125Java
Seed 21959330209Java
Seed 35461458973126502894Java
Seed 4-4843527089645485708Java
Seed 5-9189109623908607029Java
Seed 6-4933845561227611457Java
Seed 7-8136819683045970815Java
Seed 81960607841Java
Seed 9541683819Bedrock
Seed 10-1727210924Bedrock
Seed 11-1416479976Bedrock
Seed 121374097615Bedrock
Seed 13333Bedrock
Seed 147504367366220225819Java

Bamboo Jungle Seed for Minecraft Java Edition

Bamboo Jungle Seed for Minecraft Java Edition

Seed 1

With this seed, you will spawn in a bamboo jungle on an island. You will have a lot to explore, with water on all sides and bamboo everywhere. If you move to the other side, you will find Sparse Jungle with many passive mobs like sheep, chickens, and pigs.

At coordinates (32, 32) you will see a mineshaft. If you are interested in underground caves, you can find them at coordinates (16, 8, 20). These lush caves are beautiful, and you will discover axolotls and some bats.

Seed code = 125

Works on = Java edition 1.19

Seed 2

This seed will take you to a big jungle biome with a bamboo forest. A river flows near the bamboo forest, and a ruined portal at the coordinate (211, 64, 8). You can explore this forest and find many underground caves rich with loot.

You can spend some time exploring it and find many passive mobs here.

Seed code = 1959330209

Works on = Most versions of java edition

Seed 3

When you spawn in this biome, you will find yourself surrounded by trees and bamboo. On the edge of the jungle, there is a desert village and mesa. You can also find an open mine entrance near the village.

There is also a river close by. If you cross the river, you can find a pillager outpost, a rare occurrence near the village. You will discover two ruined portals at the coordinates (90, 190, and -260, 210). These portals even have obsidian stones in their chests.

Seed code = 5461458973126502894

Work on = Java edition

Bamboo Jungle Seed for Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Bamboo Jungle Seed for Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Seed 1

If you are looking for a simple bamboo forest spawn, this is the perfect seed. Here you will find very tall lush bamboo everywhere. If you dig straight down from spawn to Y -18, you will find a beautiful green cave with 1 geode around (5, 5) and another up in the ceiling around (46, 20).

You can also find a dungeon around (0, 45) and a jungle temple around (-140, 10). You can explore these places to get some valuable items.  

Seed code = 541683819

Works on = Bedrock and pocket edition 1.19

Seed 2

With this seed, you will spawn in a birch forest. After passing a spares jungle ridge to the south, you can see a valley of the bamboo jungle. You can find many cave openings here with lush green caves. You can find the geode in the cave at coordinates (230, 470). Another cave is around (80, 575) which also has a mineshaft.

Below the lush cave, you will find a pocket of skulk around (140, 540). If you are interested in spending some time here and exploring, you can also find an ancient city.

Seed code = -1727210924

Works on = Bedrock edition 1.19

Seed 3

This seed will spawn you in a lush green jungle at coordinate (-120, 279) with a bamboo forest and pandas. You can find a jungle temple near the bamboo jungle at coordinate (-322, 273) with stuff like iron. Close to the temple and the bamboo jungle is a ruined portal with some good stuff. You can find this portal at a coordinate (-386, 254).

In the jungle where you spawn, there is a village at the coordinate (188, 150), and if you move further, there is a gypsum cave.             

Seed: -1416479976

Works on all Bedrock editions


Jungle Biomes are rare, and bamboo forests are rarest. In that case, you can directly spawn there and explore them. You will find many unique items and loot, underground caves, ruined portals, and much more.  

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