Best Enchantments For Hoes In Minecraft

Hoes in Minecraft are used for everything related to farming, starting with tilling the ground. Following that, you will be able to plant any crop you like, including carrots, potatoes, wheat, and beets, to name a few. While the entire tilling process takes only a moment, it will reduce the durability of your hoe by one per block. Additionally, hoes shorten the time needed to harvest certain blocks, including wet sponges, leaves, hay bales, sculk sensors, and many others. 

There are a total of six different enchantments that can be applied to your hoe. The majority of them are good, and today we’ll examine how they function, explain why they’re good or bad, and which one is the best.

  1. Curse of Vanishing
  2. Efficiency
  3. Silk touch
  4. Mending
  5. Unbreaking
  6. Fortune

What Are The Best Hoes Enchantments In Minecraft

Curse of Vanishing

God knows why I’ve even included this enchantment but whatever, here we go. Curse of Vanishing enchantment causes your hoe to disappear when you die – sure, farming is pretty safe, although there might always be a loose creeper on your farm during the night. Hoes with this enchantment are found in chests throughout the world and hey, I guess it’s better than nothing when you happen to find one. 

The maximum level of this enchantment is I. 


Efficiency enchantment decreases the amount of time needed to break specific blocks with hoes. Some players might find it useful but I kinda find it redundant – most farm-related blocks tend to break quickly when hit by hoes, so putting this enchantment on feels like an overkill.

The maximum level of this enchantment is V.

Silk touch

Silk touch Enchantments For Hoes

Silk touch enchantment allows you to use your hoe to gather blocks, like leaves, that tend to disappear after being broken. You probably won’t be using it much, as Silk touch is very situational. I would use it to gather blocks for decorative purposes, like building a fence out of leaves to surround my house or making ladders out of vines.

The maximum level of this enchantment is I. 


If you don’t know what mending is, it’s an enchantment that causes your hoe to regenerate some of its durability when gaining experience orbs from killing mobs, fishing, or other activities that generate EXP. This whole process might not work IF:

  • You have other tools/armor with the Mending enchantment on
  • You don’t have the hoe equipped in your hand

Frankly, I never cared too much about hoes – they tend to break quite often and you can always create a new one. Mending is also an extremely rare enchantment to find in Minecraft, so think twice about putting it on your hoe!

The maximum level for this enchantment is I. 


Unbreaking Enchantment For Hoes

Increases the durability of your farming device. If you happen to own massive plots of land with crops, you might wanna consider putting Unbreaking enchantment on your hoe, as it will most likely break from too much farming. 

The maximum level of this enchantment is III. 


The best enchantment for your hoe – Fortune increases the odds of you getting more crops during the harvest. You’ll get more wheat, potatoes, carrots, and whatever else you’re farming. The second neat feature of this enchantment is that destroying leaves will also reward you with more apples, saplings, and sticks. Pretty awesome!

The maximum level of this enchantment is III. 

Frequently asked questions about hoes in Minecraft

How many types of hoes are there?

There are 6 types of hoes that you can craft:
Wooden hoes
Stone hoes
Iron hoes
Golden hoes
Diamond hoes
Netherite hoes

How do you till the ground?

Simply walk to a grass block of any type and press RMB, after that you’ll be able to plant any type of crop. 

Where can you find the Mending enchantment?

Simply walk to a grass block of any type and press RMB, after that you’ll be able to plant any type of crop. 

Where can you find the Mending enchantment?

Not an easy task but you might be able to get it from trading with villagers, fishing, or looting jungle temples, as well as wrecked boats on the shores or under the water. 

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