Best Enchantments For Leggings In Minecraft

Best Enchantments For Leggings In Minecraft

There are six different types of leggings armor available in Minecraft: leather pants, gold leggings, iron leggings, diamond leggings, and netherite leggings. There are also chainmail leggings, but you won’t be able to craft them; instead, mobs will drop them or you’ll be able to get them from a villager.

There’s also a possibility for you to find enchanted leggings or craft them yourself, with the help of enchanted books or the enchanting table. There’s a lengthy list of enchantments that you can put on your leggings and we’re gonna explain how they work and which one is the best. List is ranked from worst to best.

  1. Curse of Vanishing
  2. Curse of Binding
  3. Swift Sneak
  4. Thorns
  5. Protection 
  6. Mending
  7. Unbreaking

What Are The Best Leggings Enchantments In Minecraft

Curse of Vanishing

The name of this enchantment is as bad as it sounds. It’ll cause your leggings to disappear upon dying – permanently. The only good use for this enchantment is to put it on your friend’s armor for trolling purposes. 

The maximum level for this enchantment is I. 

Curse of Binding

Leggings with this enchantment cannot be removed. The only way to get rid of them is to die, either by suicide or at the hands of a hostile mob. Items with this enchantment are usually found throughout the world, like hidden treasure locations, Nether fortresses, etc. 

The maximum level for this enchantment is I. 

Swift Sneak

Swift Sneak Enchantment For Leggings

This enchantment put on your leggings causes you to move faster while sneaking. It may appear ineffective at first, but it is extremely effective against The Warden – he can hear your footsteps and you can escape from him faster without alerting him. Still, this is a very situational enchantment. 

The maximum level of this enchantment is III(Each level gives a 15% bonus to movement speed while sneaking).


An enchantment with a unique mechanic: any mob that attacks you will take damage. Putting this enchantment solely on your leggings may not deal much damage, so it’s important to apply it to your other armor pieces as well. 

The maximum level for this enchantment is III. 

Protection/Blast Protection/Fire Protection/Projectile Protection

Protection Enchantment For Leggings
  • Projectile protection – Reduces damage taken from sources such as arrows, accurate fireballs, tridents, etc. 
  • Blast Protection – By putting this enchantment on your leggings, you can avoid deadly creeper ambushes and reduce damage from all types of explosions. 
  • Fire protection – As the name suggests, this enchant will reduce the amount of damage you take from lava and fire sources. You could put this on your leggings and other armor to make yourself almost immune to fire damage! 
  • Protection – This enchantment causes you to take less damage from all sources, including normal attacks. This is useful if you are fighting different enemies at the same time, whether in the Nether or at night. 

The maximum level of all of these defensive enchantments is IV.


Causes your leggings to regain some of their durability after picking up experience orbs. Useful if you don’t have access to an anvil or you’re just sick of constantly repairing your stuff!

NOTE: This enchantment will decrease the rate at which you’ll level up, due to the experience orbs being used to repair your stuff. 

The maximum level for this enchantment is I. 


Unbreaking Enchantment For Leggings

Probably the best enchantment for your leggings, as it greatly increases their durability. This enchantment is also simple to obtain; you can gain it by fishing, using the enchanting table, finding it in various treasure locations, or buying them from librarian villagers.

The maximum level for this enchantment is III(You get 100% durability per enchant level, 300% in total). 

To summarize:

We tried to rank leggings enchantments from worst to best. Some of them are extremely situational and some of them focus on keeping you alive. Keep in mind that in order to enchant your leggings, you’ll have to spend your levels crafting them. 

Hope you found this article helpful, have a good time playing Minecraft, and have a lovely rest of the day!

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