Best Enchantments For Shears In Minecraft

Best Enchantments For Shears In Minecraft

Shears are very useful devices that don’t require a lot of resources to make in Minecraft. If you need to make carpets, paintings, beds, or banners, they are great. If you want a particular shade of wool, you must first dye the sheep with one of the dyes before shearing them. They will usually drop 1-3 wool and regrow their fluffy hair after eating some grass. 

But there are also other uses for the shears:

  • You can harvest bee hives with shears in order to get x3 honeycombs. Be sure to place a fire source beneath the beehive to prevent them from attacking you!
  • You will receive mushrooms in exchange for shearing a mooshroom. The cow will also be fumigated as a result of this action.
  • The shears can be used to cut down leaves instantly. You will also be able to pick them up.
  • Pumpkins will give you some seeds, as well as turn into a carved pumpkin after the shearing process
  • You can deactivate the tripwire trap with shears without setting off the traps
  • Besides leaves, you can also cut down cobwebs, tallgrass, ferns, dead bushes, hanging roots, vines, etc.

You can enchant shears with a total of four different enchantments. 

Every single one will be covered in detail, along with an attempt to explain how they operate and whether they’re good or not. Let’s start with the first enchantment right away:

What Are The Best Enchantments For Shears In Minecraft

Curse of Vanishing

There is no good in Curse of Vanishing enchantment. It makes your shears disappear when you pass away. It won’t matter either if you go back to where you died because they won’t be there. Except if you feel like trolling strangers and putting this enchantment on their gear, nobody should put this on their shears.

The maximum level of this enchantment is I. 

Mending Enchantments For Shears

Mending Enchantments For Shears

It doesn’t really seem good regarding this enchantment, does it? The experience orbs you need to repair your shears will be difficult to come by and Mending enchantment won’t be very useful overall.

The maximum level of this enchantment is I. 


How quickly you can cut through blocks with your shears depends on efficiency. Additionally, Efficiency enchantment seems unnecessary given how quickly your shears can cut through the appropriate blocks, such as leaves, twisting vines, etc. It will take you less than 0.35 seconds to break the majority of these types of blocks, so getting this enchantment seems rather pointless. 

The maximum level of this enchantment is V.


Unbreaking Enchantments For Shears

Sincerely, I believe that Unbreaking is the shears’ only useful enchantment to date. Due to how quickly they destroy vegetation blocks, shears tend to lose durability rather quickly. Their durability will be significantly increased by unbreaking, so you won’t need to repair them all the time. 

The maximum level of this enchantment is III. Each level improves the durability of shears by an additional 100%, up to 300%. 

In conclusion:

All of these enchantments besides Unbreaking suck. Shears are used for obtaining rare items that are literally unattainable by other means. I hope you had a good time reading this article and found it helpful!

Frequently asked questions about shears

Can you use the shears on a dog?

Of course not. Why would you even use it on a dog?

What’s the point of the shears?

To obtain blocks that are normally impossible to get. Blocks such as leaves, tend to disappear after breaking them. The same rule applies to vines, you can use them as ladders, or cobwebs to slow hostile mobs, etc.

Can I use shears as weapons?

Unfortunately, you cannot. You’d think that shears would be able to deal some sort of damage but not in Minecraft. Use your sword instead!

Can I find them in the villages?

Yes, there’s a small chance that you’ll find them in Shepherd’s chest. I think it’s around 10-12%. 

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