Best Enchantments For Shields In Minecraft

Best Enchantments For Shields In Minecraft

Shields are a very useful defense tool in Minecraft. They keep you safe from various projectiles, such as arrows, tridents, and fire charges, to name a few. They also reduce the knockback from explosions, as well as block regular attacks from zombies, spiders, and other hostile mobs. There are 18 types of shields that you can acquire in Minecraft, although they only differ in terms of visuals. 

When it comes to enchantments, frankly there aren’t too many. There are only 3, in which one of them is a garbage curse enchantment. No matter, we’re going to discuss them and explain why they’re good or garbage and which one is the best. Without further blabbering, let’s start!

What Are The Best Enchantments For Shields In Minecraft

Curse of Vanishing

This is the garbage tier enchantment that I was talking about. I highly recommend not putting this enchantment on your shield, as it will make it disappear upon your death. There are no other uses for this enchantment unless you want to put it onto one of your friend’s armor.

The maximum level of this enchantment is I. 


Unbreaking Enchantments For Shields

A decent enchantment, as it will increase the durability of your shield, allowing you to stay in combat for longer. If you’re wondering how much durability the shield has with this enchantment and without, take a look:

Shield without the enchantment – 336 points of durability

Unbreaking I – 672 points of durability

Unbreaking II – 1028 points of durability

Unbreaking III – 1344 points of durability

As you can see, Unbreaking will greatly increase the durability of your shield. 

The maximum level of this enchantment is III.


Mending  Enchantments For Shields In Minecraft

It works like this; each time you pick up experience orbs laying on the ground, a portion of EXP will be converted into durability points for your shield. It’s excellent, as it enables you to stay in combat for as long as you wish. Of course, this also applies to other activities that give you experience, such as fishing, mining, cooking, etc.

The maximum level for this enchantment is I. 

In conclusion:

We made an effort to provide as much information about shields in Minecraft as we could. We described the types of enchantments you can use on them as well as how they function. Additionally, we also provided an explanation of what sort of damage the shield is capable of absorbing. 

We sincerely hope you enjoyed reading this article and found it to be useful. Thank you, and enjoy the rest of your day!

Commonly asked questions about Shields

How do I color my shield?

You need to combine a banner with your shield. The banner can be dyed with any color you desire and the color will be transferred to the shield after crafting them together. 

How can I repair my shield?

Either by combining two damaged shields together or by using the anvil. When it comes to the anvil, you’ll need planks to fix it!

Will shields protect me from falling damage?

Nope. They’re not going to reduce the amount of damage you take from falling and you will end up dying. You can take a potion of slow falling though.

What projectiles am I not safe from?

Crossbows with the Piercing enchantment will be able to hit you through the shield. You also won’t be able to block the effects of potions, as well as TNT blasts that were activated by you. 

Can villagers sell me shields?

There is a small chance that you’ll be able to purchase it from the Journeyman villager for around 5 emeralds. 

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