Best Meadow Mountain Seeds in Minecraft Java and Bedrock

Best Meadow Mountain Seeds in Minecraft Java and Bedrock

Since Minecraft was updated in 1.18, the Meadow Mountain sub-biome has been exploding as a favorite among Minecrafters who want to adventure and build a fantastic survival base overlooking the rest of the Minecraft world below. With this, we have put together some of our favorite Minecraft Meadow Mountain Seeds that would be perfect for anyone who is looking for the perfect Meadow Mountain space.

Meadow Mountain Seeds

Seed Seed IDVersion
Seed 1708078811584129504Java
Seed 2-9047675282398194871Java
Seed 3 8976869566609062878Java
Seed 4 -5930464648540265214Java
Seed 5 937937323Java
Seed 6-460628901Java
Seed 7 15913680Java
Seed 8 708078811584129504Bedrock
Seed 9393018Java
Seed 10-1539248620Bedrock

Meadow Oasis

Seed: 8976869566609062878

Meadow Outcrop:  x = -22, y = 521

With the accessibility to a Nether Portal and two villages for plundering, the meadow oasis seed is perfect for those looking for a large space with plenty of trees for protection. There are also many different kinds of wood in this location to help you get started on your survival base! 

Meadow for Castle Seed

Seed: -5930464648540265214

Primary Meadow: x = -120, y = -66

If you really want to avoid making your own moat to protect your beloved castle, this seed gives a perfect meadow to get started on your castle project. Along with a beautiful view of mountains and plenty of trees in the surrounding area. There are also plenty of other mountain meadows to roam for when you want to break away from the walls of the castle. 

Hilltop Meadow Seed

Seed: 937937323

Ravine Entrance: x = 160, y = -300

A great option for those who love to make hideouts in caves or would like to stay hidden from all living creatures. This meadow mountain seed has a perfect ravine on the opposite side of the spawn with an amazing view that will make your jaw drop, as the ravine entrance is positioned at the top of the mountain cliff. 

Meadow Mountain Valley Seed

Seed: -460628901

Large Meadow: x = -195, y = -75

Although opponents of the idea of living on the mountain itself, this location offers an amazing meadow that is completely surrounded by large peaking mountains with snow and ice. This location is great for building a large castle or village with a few friends. Keep in mind this meadow mountain seed is spectacular for the 1.19 version as a great starting point. 

Snowy Meadow Mountain Seed

Seed: 15913680

Meadow: Spawn

This is the perfect location for those who want to be that mysterious character hiding out in a dark castle away from civilization. Keep in mind most of what would be found in this area is snow and a lot of goats, although, this would not stop us from thinking it is one of the best and most epic-looking locations to spawn into!

Wrapping Up

Overall, Meadow Mountains are fantastic for those looking to create their first castle or just looking to find a great location with luscious options of trees, villages, and much more. We hope you found this a useful list to start your journey exactly how you were imagined it. Minecraft is full of amazing Meadows and Mountains to choose from!

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