Best Minecraft Diamonds Seeds 1.19

Best Minecraft Diamonds Seeds

In Minecraft, diamonds are among the most important items. Diamond tools and gear can be used to heavily improve your efficiency while enhancing survival in a dangerous world. However, diamonds are very rare. Some seeds barely have them, which can hamper players’ plans. Below, to ensure you have great gear, we’ll cover the best Minecraft diamond seeds.

Seventeen Diamond Batch

A quick batch of diamonds can be found in this seed. The whole seed seems rather dry, but close to the spawn are seventeen diamonds. This batch is a simple little secret that will stock you up on diamonds. As with every diamond hunt, you will need to dig down a bit. Take your time digging until you hit one of the coordinates. Then find the seventeen diamonds by digging through and consulting the map. The guaranteed way to find it is to go to a certain point on the map, the coordinates of which are X: -59, Y: -13, Z: -107.

Getting seventeen diamonds is a good way to start your diamond hunt. Especially considering how little you’ll need to reach them. This seed is especially fruitful for crafting an early set of diamond armor. Or you could get diamond tools for more efficient tunneling through other seeds.

Seed: -6859058234738549009

Jungle Temple

Our first temple on the list, this seed is more like a mini-adventure than a pure farming spot. It’s a great way to break up tedious mining experiences while getting decent rewards. Braving the temple will lead you to a chest with six diamonds.

Throughout the temple, you’ll face traps and loot that will make this seed a fun experience. Unfortunately, it cannot compete with some of the other seeds on the list. However, the seed’s adventurous spirit makes Jungle Temple appear on the list. What is great about this seed is that you can create an awesome Jungle House.

Seed: -1969652990125137044

Shipwreck Diamonds

This seed has two shipwrecks near the player spawn. Each can yield diamonds, materials, and items. So if you are having bad luck with it, don’t worry, there’s another spot to visit in this seed.

A nearby Savanna Village is perfect for picking up additional materials while farming the seed. You’ll spot it quickly after leaving the spawn, and you can visit it whenever. It’s a short seed to explore with little else going on, perfect for shorter sessions.

Seed: -573947210

Quick Diamond Spawn

In this seed, you’ll be spawned in a simple forestry area. Go north, where you can find a village. This village will be your best way of orienting further to find the diamond batch. If you are worried about whether it’s the right village, look around. A Nether portal should be nearby, specifically at X: 232, Z: -328.

Of course, this Nether portal could be useful itself. It isn’t the only one, though, with diamonds being located under a player’s spawn at X: 2312, Y: 13, Z: 5. This location alone contains about eight diamonds. Not as much as in the previous example, but the seed’s gifts do not stop here.

Go to X: 2347, Y: 12, Z: 5 after visiting the first diamonds. This place should have even more diamonds to gear you up, and it doesn’t even take long to reach from the first destination. On top of that, there’s a third location with potential diamond spawn. That place is at X: 1962, Y: 12, Z: -480.

The search may take a bit longer, but it’s worth it. The overall numbers can vary due to different rolls on loot, with multiple positions worth checking. So even if one doesn’t yield many diamonds, we’ll get a chance to check others out.

Seed: 2123212974

Desert Temple Spawn

To break up the biomes a bit, here’s a desert seed. You will be spawned right inside a Desert Temple in the middle of a desert. The whole temple is worth exploring. We can find some materials and items within the temple. It’s also fun to just explore through it.

The downside lies in traps found within the temple. These will usually utilize TNT, so one wrong move could blow you up. Be careful, making a note of the dangerous locations as you descend. For some, these traps may pose less of an issue than standard dangers from digging into the ground. However, the fact that spawn is right at the highly valuable spot does help this seed’s overall fruitfulness. No need to dig and look for a specific coordinate, just go through the temple!

Seed: 1136332378

Double Village With Diamonds

Now this will be a more intense seed to look about. There are great locations that can yield diamonds. After spawning, it’s possible to find two villages nearby. These villages will contain blacksmith shops. Said shops can be looted for easy diamonds. In fact, this may be the simplest way to stack up on diamonds if the loot generation feels charitable. We will find the villages at X: -144, Z: -224 and X: 0, Z: -432. Due to them being located at the surface, you won’t even need tools to reach them.

Should random generation screw you over, there are still a few locations to try your luck at. These will desire some extra digging with the reward of plentiful diamonds. Three popular digging spots are:

  • X: -176, Y: 54, Z: -287
  • X :-9, Y: 11, Z: -264
  • X: 316, Y: 56, Z: -425

Seed: 13675213

Three Blacksmiths

In the same vein as the last seed, this one provides players with some quick access to blacksmith shops. This one will merely require you to look through a few villages. One of these will have three blacksmith shops inside. Each of these is a chance to obtain diamonds and plenty of other resources.

Due to the simplicity of looting, we suggest checking out this seed if you feel lucky with loot generation. It could get you quite a few materials with some lack. On top of this, a few abandoned mineshafts will simplify the digging process and get you digging out diamonds fast.

The village coordinates:

  • X: -192, Z: -144
  • X: 16, Z: -224
  • X: -256, Z: 16
  • X: 192, Z: 32

The mineshaft coordinates:

  • X: -184, Z: -152
  • X :-168, Z: -136
  • X: 88, Z: -264

Seed: 9097552722265112584

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