Best Minecraft Island Seeds

Best Minecraft Island Seeds

Islands are some of the best features within any Minecraft world. If you are lucky, you could generate a great island full of materials and other Minecraft wonders like a cave or nearby Atlantis! That’s why we have put together some of the best Minecraft island seeds you could use to explore some of the most magnificent islands. 

Woodland Badlands and Jungle Island Seed

Seed: 7850875

Wooded Badlands Plateau: x = -30, y = 270

This particular map spawns you directly into two rare biomes right when you spawn. You will directly generate into the Jungle Biome island with very near Wooded Badlands nearby. In the surrounding area you will be introduced to a Nether Portal ( x = 168, Y = 360), and a beautiful Coral Reef with two Shipwrecks! ( x = 72, Y = 456 or x & y = 168). Not to mention so beautiful lush caves surrounding Jungle Island!

Twin Village Island Seed

Seed: 664703157502214850

Village: x = -144, y = -208

The great seed for those who are just starting with Minecraft and want to adventure with no worries about safety. This seed offers two village locations with an exposed mineshaft (Bedrock Only) nearby. Although there is not much biome diversity anywhere nearby, you will see this is a perfect basic setup for beginning your adventure in Minecraft. Definitely one of the most relaxed and peaceful seeds!

Old Lush Island Seed

Seed: -904660575148047233

Axolotl Pool: x = 5, y = 92, z = 2

The spawn biome for this location is actually quite rare being the Old Growth Spruce biome. What is the most interesting part about this island though is not the biome itself but what lies underneath it. If you start mining, you will come across a beautiful lush cave that has completely hollowed out this tall island. Along with this lush cave comes an Axolotl Pool, Mineshaft, Ocean Monument, and much more. 

Quaint Island Seed

Seed: 11020382

If you want a basic survival island, this is your best option. This is the best island for Minecraft vanilla adventures with a chill surviving experience With access to multiple trees and even a small village, giving you all of the crops and wood necessary to begin your own community and survival base.

Ancient Isle Island Seed

Seed: 931970827062634009

If you are looking for an island that challenges those who are not faint of heart, this would be the best adventure you will love to face on any Minecraft Island Seed! This island holds many secrets including A shipwreck, mineshaft, jungle temple, and even an ocean monument. Since you do not spawn directly into the island, you will have to take a short boat ride. The island is full of hills and mountains.

Wrapping Up

Overall, there are some great island seeds that can be used in Minecraft as fantastic locations to get started in your journey as an island stowaway. From mysterious treasure locations to a simple small island with maybe even some villagers, there are so many great adventures awaiting on these Minecraft Island Seeds!

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