Best Minecraft MMORPG Servers 2024

Best Minecraft MMORPG Servers

Minecraft is one of the most played games ever. Despite its age, Minecraft’s still going strong, with millions playing the game a decade later. With time, plentiful custom servers launched too. Among them, MMORPG servers hold a rather high place on most lists. Let’s go through some of the best ones, reviewing their perks.


MMORPG Server Hegemony

If you’ve been about the server lists lately, you more than likely spotted Hegemony. The server differs from others by trying to emulate the 16th to the 18th-century world rather than a fantasy setting. However, that doesn’t dull out any of its enjoyable traits. It’s a fun time to explore plentiful new skills and an interesting approach to PvP.

The server utilizes a texture pack but the willingness to download it is your own. There’s an option to avoid it when downloading in case you don’t want it, but it does help the mood.

You can find more info on official Hegemony website.


Minecraft MMORPG Servers Minescape

Do you like Minecraft? Do you like Runescape? Well, Minescape has you covered. This server mixes the classic MMORPG with Minecraft to produce something truly unique. Rather than being a carbon copy of its inspiration, Minescape makes sure to borrow elements without fully emulating them.

The community is very friendly, which comes in handy when learning new game mechanics. Looking for the details you need won’t take long, as Minescape provides ample resources to get your answer. Discord and its forum are always a good place to look.

As expected, there are dozens of mobs to face. They come with special forms that players can only harm under special circumstances. Additionally, there are eleven bosses to face on this server for those who manage to train and gear up.

You can find more info on official Minewind website.


Minecraft MMORPG Servers Minewind

If you are somebody who prefers a less controlled experience, Minewind is the place to go. The server has virtually no rules outside of the area around spawn. Looting and player kills are a staple of this server. It’s an interesting survival approach for those who have worn out many other styles of play.

However, Minewind isn’t only based on the idea of hardcore play. There are classes to choose from and loot to gather. This will add a lot of MMORPG traits to the whole mix while having a new twist with constant PvP going on.

The server is constantly updated with all sorts of new content. These updates are also documented on their website, so you’ll have a quick way to update yourself. The larger updates will be easy to digest due to good post formatting.

You can find more info on official Minewind website.


Minecraft MMORPG Servers Hypixel

For those playing the Java Edition of Minecraft, Hypixel is a great choice. The basic version of Hypixel is considered an MMO rather than an MMORPG but worry not. The server has plentiful minigames, including Skyblock Isles, emulating the MMORPG playstyle.

The world of Hypixel Skyblocks is incredibly expansive. Especially when you consider that this whole part is merely a subsection of the server. This means there are still quite a few active players to interact with when playing Skyblocks, as Hypixels has many users.

Content is plentiful on the server. There are plentiful original items and mechanics to engage with. With the constant updates coming to both the standard server and the Skyblocks minigame, there is never a dull day. Those willing to grind out a game a lot will face dozens of different foes, which all have their unique loot to gather.

You can find more info on official Hypixel website.



Wynncraft is the most impressive Minecraft MMORPG server. The server has been online since 2013, with millions of active players tuning in daily. There’s quite an elaborate map with unique zones. The structure is somewhat like that of World of Warcraft, where transferring from one place to another happens as you play.

The freshness of the experience comes from the nature of this server. There are multiple classes you can play with their own skills to boot. Standard mechanics such as crafting, dungeons, and raids are also available. This makes Wynncraft an incredibly fun MMORPG to play, especially for those who already love Minecraft.

Playing on the server is completely free. No piece of content is locked behind a paywall, aside from cosmetics for characters, that is. For example, paying players to get alternate particles for their character if they so choose and a different class name. Although visually, they differ, their abilities are completely the same.

You can find more info on official Hegemony website.

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