Best Mushroom Island Seeds in Minecraft

Best Mushroom Island Seeds in Minecraft

Before starting up your next Minecraft adventure, we have put together some of the best Mushroom Island seeds to help you kick start how you want! This kind of list is great for those looking for a safer and more peaceful spawn location not only as a beginning location but also near the locations you enjoy the most! Below are some of the best Mushroom Island seeds based on location, spawn, and other conveniences for starting out on a new Minecraft world!

Mushroom Island Hopping Seed

Seed: -7635286294091989345

Largest Island: x = -4430, y = 2810

Island hopping is a fun way to go from one island to another, but what if that was the idea of your entire map? This seed is full of mushroom islands that can be full of mushrooms and other items to add to your inventory. The best thing about this is, once you have cleaned one island, you can travel to the next! This is a great ocean adventure that would leave many Minecrafters on a unique adventure compared to the average vanilla Minecraft findings. 

Shipwrecks Mushroom Island Seed

Seed: -3066707496599231880

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Mushroom Island: x = 15, y = 390

Ironically shaped like a Sharktooth, this Mushroom Island is surrounded by a number of shipwrecks that are easily accessible for plundering and searching. With the island with plenty of food resources and a lack of aggressive mobs, this si a perfect area to camp out while looting some of the ocean’s biggest treasures. Not to mention over 13 different Ocean Monuments to also loot from!

Hot Mushroom Island Seed

Seed: 29000163

Mushroom Island:  x = 50, y = 0

A seed that not only has an extremely large Mushroom island but is also surrounded by many different biomes that are considered the hottest or most humid locations. The best way to enjoy this seed is to start off on the mob-free island to gather as many supplies as possible before starting your journey on the rest of the surrounding biomes in the distance. 

Monumental Mushroom Island Seed

Seed:  7913039298569672318

Mushroom Island: x = -305, y = -149

This Mushroom island is surrounded by over 4 different Ocean Monuments in very close proximity. With also well over 12 other Ocean Monuments in the surrounding area if you swim out a bit farther. You will no doubt run into a few of these monuments on your way from spawn to the Mushroom island!

Coral Reef Mushroom Island Seed

Seed: 137000608

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Mushroom Island: x = 225, y = -400

If you are an ocean lover, this is the perfect Mushroom Island for you! With a huge coral reef to explore with many colorful fish and sponges to find, there is no doubt this is one of the most aesthetic Mushroom Island seeds to search for. It is extremely rare to find a beautiful view from a Mushroom Island!

Wrapping Up

We hope this list helps you spark your interest in Mushroom Islands and some of the best options for your first Minecraft Mushroom Island journey. There are some fantastic places to get started that help boost your experience in Minecraft. Seeds really do help make playing Minecraft easier and more peaceful for the average player or survival crafter. 

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